December 12, 2016

Chatting investment opportunities...

What takes an all black outfit to the next level? A sharp pair of black booties! I never get tired of sharing my excitement with my Le Chateau shoe finds. Each month it never fails that I score a really great pair of shoes that end up in my daily rotation of footwear. This month I'm featuring a sexy little chelsea boot, a staple that everyone should have. I love how quickly these can polish and dress up a look yet be such a simple, casual style of shoe. Today I've styled them with a cropped dress pant, a perfect alternative and excuse for getting out of wearing heels. Because this look is filled with a lot of class and sass I felt like it was time to introduce you all to my newest daughter, Chanel #2. This bag tested my patience to track down let me tell you but with persistence comes success. I'll give you a minute to take it in. I still stop and stare as I walk past her at times, I get it. Can we all just take a moment though and admit that handbags to women are what stocks are to men? These are investments and to be honest ours are a guaranteed return so that guilt you have when dropping all that cash (that we don't really have) can beat it!

Top & Pants: Aritzia / Jacket & Shoes: c/o Le Chateau / Bag: Chanel