September 28, 2016

Beauty Muse: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

The seasons are changing and that means a switch in my beauty routine is needed. Last spring I was introduced to the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation. I was excited to try her products for the first time, but not totally eager to try a foundation since I've never been one to wear heavier make-up. Quickly I learned the Magic Foundation went beyond just a cosmetic and also contained skincare elements benefiting the overall look, feel and health of the skin. I've got problematic skin so I'll try just about anything promising results. Not only did I like the overall feel and application of the foundation but I really did see my skin getting better over time. I suffer from a lot of scaring and discolouration on top of my annoying acne so seeing my skin tone even out, dark spots fade and blemishes clear up I was hooked to keep using it. The picture below is after using the Magic Foundation daily for just over two months. When summer hit I did switch back to my tined moisterizer for a lighter feel, but now that fall has arrived I was excited to pick up a new bottle to start using again. If you are in the midst of switching up your beauty routine also then I highly recommend trying this stuff out!


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  8. I was looking for a good foundation, as my skin is too sensitive and not every product suits me. After reading about Charlotte tillbury magical foundation, i think it was all I looking for as it has many benefits to the skin. I will definately try this foundation. Thanks for sharing this product with us :)