June 15, 2016

Watches by Nicole Vienna

I'm so excited to share with you a new watch line from Sweden that has been living on my wrist for the past two weeks. Nicole Vienna are the new kids on the block, based out of Sweden with 6 simple and super sexy watches. This line carries three colours, two band options and one face. In the past I would have immediately gone for gold and when I first saw these watches I thought that without a doubt I wanted to go all black yet I ended up with silver lol. You would think with so few choices you wouldn't run into such indecision and yet I totally did. Silver is the main metal I wear today for accessories so I thought going that way would allow for some cool layering with the many bracelets I already have. I also chose to go with their mesh band over links mainly because that is a style I only ever used to wear and the mesh felt like new and fresh. The great thing is you can switch up your bands at any time if you wish and they make it really easy to do so. The face of this watch is black marble on all 6 watches. Marble is a detail that is still going very strong in the style world and in my world so I easily fell in love with the Nicole Vienna watches. I really love how sleek this watch is. It makes it very easy to wear everyday. Watches have really been making a comeback to my wrist over the past year and I'm extremely happy to have this one as part of my collection. Throughout the remainder of the month be sure to see it styled with a handful of my outfit posts! Ps. I recommend checking out their instagram, I am in love.


  1. so amazing pics; >

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  2. This watch is so pretty! Need to check them out :)


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  3. Nice collection's of cool watches. Thanks for sharing

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