May 23, 2016

Saks Fifth Canada

Please tell me if you are in the Toronto area that you've popped into one of the newly opened Saks? Back in March, around my birthday, I decided to check out the Queen & Yonge location for the chance of coming across an outfit for the occasion. Instead I left with something better, a beautiful present for myself... this Céline purse. I was beyond excited to see a Céline store within Saks, since this isn't something that exists here and when I saw this beauty in black I knew I had to scoop it up right away before it flew off the shelf. I have been wanting this to be a part of my purse collection for SO LONG NOW. I actually gave up hope... silly me. A month later I was invited to check out the Sherway location which I've heard so many amazing things about. Keep scrolling down to see the beauty that exists inside.
 Sweater: Club Monaco / Pants: All Saints / Boots: Rag & Bone / Sunnies: Spectacle / Purse: Céline
Photographer / Tania Martinez

The morning I visited Saks at Sherway we got to hear from Cleo Davis-Urman, Fashion Director of Contemporary and Modern Collections, and what some of the latest Spring/Summer trends are. Styled in everything Saks we got a glimpse of trends like the modern romantic, boho (shoulder-baring silhouettes my fave), athleticism and utility (think urban safari). Other things you'll be seeing a lot of this season are stripes, ruffles, denim, the shoulder bag, high heel platforms and metal elements. The presentation was fantastic and the tour that followed made me feel like I was in a dream. You'll see what I mean by a few snap shots I took as I walked the store. It's definitely visiting for its beauty.


  1. That bag is gorgeous! So glad you were able to find one in Saks!

  2. so lovely look ; -))))

    i invite to me too

  3. YOU killed this entire outfit. I can't EVEN! You're such a babe!


  4. Love the outfit

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