May 30, 2016

From the Streets to the Shores

Who else is stoked that summer weather is finally upon us?! I was starting to get really cranky as the days filled with cool weather kept coming. In all seriousness though, weather impacts my mood hugely. I need the sun, the heat, the longer days to get up and get moving. It's like my body puts up with winter for only so long. Once the cold weather over-welcomes its stay my body starts to fall in a slump. That was basically the month of May for me. I wasn't feeling myself and my stress levels had reached their max. That is until last weekend brought the sun beaming through my bedroom windows waking me up to heat that I knew was finally here to stay. Immediately everything took a shift for the better and I am so ready to absorb every moment of summer. And let's get on topic here, I am pumped to switch up my wardrobe to lighter fabrics, smaller pieces and wearing as many open toe shoes as possible! This new tank from Bench sums things up pretty perfectly. It's time for me to take it to the shores in my itty bitty bikinis and soak up those rays to have that happy meter hit it's all time high! There is so much to look forward to this summer and it's all just starting to finally sink in. With two trips home to the cottage to see the family this month, a quick getaway to Montreal in between with my honey, followed by Greece in July with the bestie, I'm finding it really hard to find something to be sad about. I hope y'all are filled with warm and good vibes too! Enjoy your moments lovelies xx
 Tank: c/o Bench / Jeans: Zara / Shoes: Senso / Sunnies: Illesteva

Photographer / Tania Martinez


  1. Woah i must appreciate the photography skills. Also the ripped jeans are quite in these days and the way you dressed up looks amazing! Keep sharing.

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