April 30, 2016

Jess Glynne x Bench

Grammy Award winner Jess Glynne teamed up with Bench to collab on a capsule collection for y'all. I went to see what all the fuss was about and ended up leaving with this 'Hold My Hand' bomber. You can expect to see pieces that are a little out there for Bench yet still totally in line with who they are. Find details like sheer inserts, psychedelic and marble prints mixed with simple, loungy basics. This bomber also comes in a gold metallic... if you're into that. I prefer to stick with more wearable pieces that I can get more wear out of but to each there own. I mean, sometimes I have those 'go flashy or go home' moments. Todays look is pretty simple for everyday but I always like to add a little detail that will make my outfits a tad more memorable. I also just really have fun with the challenge of creating new looks by switching out pieces and adding in different accessories. For this it's obvious, I threw a bandana on it. But not just any bandana, a super sick embellished bandana. It's fun to see the accessory modernized in a way that almost would classify it as jewelry and not just an accessory.
Jacket: c/o Bench // Jeans: Zara // Bandana: Free People // Shoes: c/o Geox 

Photographer / Tania Martinez

April 28, 2016

Le Chateau nails it again

K, can it be open-toe season already? We are days away from May this is actually getting ridiculous. I have a plethora of killer sandals that want to come out and play yet this drawn out winter is eating away at potential opportunities to do so! As you can tell I did sneak them into todays look but I was hoping that because I'm so covered up everywhere up top that you wouldn't really have the thought of 'omg this girl needs to chill, it's too cold to be showing off her super cute feet'. I actually refuse to be that girl. By the time the weekend hits I'm constantly shaking my head as I'm looking down at girls feet who are heading out for a night on the town. Like, I know you're regretting your shoe decision, ADMIT IT! Back on track, so the Spring weather hasn't really sprung yet but inside Le Chateau it most certainly has. The collection has sooooo many goodies to choose from. So much that I've plotted out my next three months of shoe picks! These Italian-made suede sandals with a rad (stable) block heel are BEAUTS. Not to mention when is the last time you've seen me style something other than black shoes in the past 6 months? It was time to switch things up, I'm aware. These guys have a 70's vibe to them which is perfect for summer and all those music festivals we love to get in theme for. Can I also point out the braided detail on the waistband of these jeans? Seriously in love. K, that is all. I'll chat with you guys soon xx
Shoes: c/o Le Chateau / Sweater: One Teaspoon / Jeans: Free People / Purse: Chanel

Photographer / Tania Martinez

April 16, 2016

Back at it: My Brave Leather Partnership Continues

Hey guys! I apologize for being MIA but life is getting CRAZY! All good shit but now I need to figure out how to better balance and make time for everything including keeping up to date for you guys. So todays post is exciting because I get to share some super awesome news with you.... I'm back being Brave Leather's brand ambassador and my goodness is there ever a ton of good good this season. It's actually my favourite season yet! Today I'm styling their Naylie Belt, a statement for the waistline. It's belts like these that take over the accessorizing of an outfit. I did however add a handkerchief around my neck to add some flare. I've got such a soft spot for mixing lighter hues like whites, creams and beiges. I find it so striking and classic... which is why I had to throw my Chanel in the mix DUH! Things are starting to warm up and I've already got my next piece by Brave styled up and ready to share with you next month so be sure to come back for a visit soon xx
Chanel ivory flap bag
Chanel ivory flap bag
Belt: c/o Brave Leather // Jacket: Mackage // Pants: Club Monaco // Purse: Chanel

Photographer / Tania Martinez