March 26, 2016

Guess who's 31?

It's about to get Springy over here at Trend Struck. Although the weather isn't fully here yet, the Le Chateau Spring Shoe collection is and I'm super excited to be styling a pair for you guys today! So it's not common that you will find me in heels but when you do they are never very high. A shoe favourite of mine is the mule. They are never crazy high and I'm always into the way the style looks on my foot. The mule has a thicker band placed at the top of the ankle keeping the foot in place providing comfort with every step. This shoe from Le Chateau also has a chunkier heel which you knowwwwwww I always lean toward. So the outfit I'm rocking today I actually wore at my birthday brunch two weekends ago. I turned 31 on March 8th and can I just say I love being in my thirties! Your twenties are fun and everything but it feels good to grow up. I feel liberated in a way! I did a nice brunch with my closest girlfriends at Figo in Toronto that was BEYOND adorable. It was perfect! The outfit really fit the new age and restaurant vibe lol!! One more thing to note is obviously this beauty of a new bag that was added to my collection a little while back. There was a lot to celebrate back in January and the reward was a Chanel purse. I originally went in for the boy bag but quickly found out that I should basically keep dreaming because what I wanted was the most in demand bag. It's strange because I never thought I would get a cream coloured purse and with that chain arm strap but when I put it on it felt so right. There is no denying that this purse is timeless and will look great slung over my shoulder even when I'm 90! Stay tuned for next months Le Chateau shoe picks. I already have the next two pairs picked out. There is just so much goodness coming out this season guys!!!!!!
Shoes: c/o Le Chateau // Dress: Aritzia // Purse: Chanel // Sunnies: Spectacle 

Photographer / Tania Martinez


  1. so cute look ; -))

    i invite to me too

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