March 31, 2016

Time for Those T-Shirt Dresses

It's almost that time! Weather is transitioning from cold to warm and piecing together outfits can become a bit of a challenge. During this flip flopping period in both Spring and Fall my favourite pieces to wear are t-shirt dresses or sweater dresses. They are super comfortable, take little planning and ALWAYS look good layered with a leather jacket. Your footwear options are pretty open too. I love pairing a tee dress with runners or an ankle boot, but if it's a chilly one then an OTK boot will look killer too. The t-shirt dress I'm rocking today is by Bench. They have another one that's similar, much lighter in fabric just like a t-shirt, which I'm sure I'll be snagging at a later time. The one I chose ended up being The Understanding Dress simply because it's a thicker fabric, more appropriate for March. I've had it maybe for a total of three weeks and I've already worn it 5 or 6 times. It was a warm sunny day when we shot this look so my personalized Adidas kicks won todays pairing!
 Dress: c/o Bench // Runners: Adidas // Sunnies: Valley Eyewear from Zane 

Photographer / Tania Martinez

March 26, 2016

Guess who's 31?

It's about to get Springy over here at Trend Struck. Although the weather isn't fully here yet, the Le Chateau Spring Shoe collection is and I'm super excited to be styling a pair for you guys today! So it's not common that you will find me in heels but when you do they are never very high. A shoe favourite of mine is the mule. They are never crazy high and I'm always into the way the style looks on my foot. The mule has a thicker band placed at the top of the ankle keeping the foot in place providing comfort with every step. This shoe from Le Chateau also has a chunkier heel which you knowwwwwww I always lean toward. So the outfit I'm rocking today I actually wore at my birthday brunch two weekends ago. I turned 31 on March 8th and can I just say I love being in my thirties! Your twenties are fun and everything but it feels good to grow up. I feel liberated in a way! I did a nice brunch with my closest girlfriends at Figo in Toronto that was BEYOND adorable. It was perfect! The outfit really fit the new age and restaurant vibe lol!! One more thing to note is obviously this beauty of a new bag that was added to my collection a little while back. There was a lot to celebrate back in January and the reward was a Chanel purse. I originally went in for the boy bag but quickly found out that I should basically keep dreaming because what I wanted was the most in demand bag. It's strange because I never thought I would get a cream coloured purse and with that chain arm strap but when I put it on it felt so right. There is no denying that this purse is timeless and will look great slung over my shoulder even when I'm 90! Stay tuned for next months Le Chateau shoe picks. I already have the next two pairs picked out. There is just so much goodness coming out this season guys!!!!!!
Shoes: c/o Le Chateau // Dress: Aritzia // Purse: Chanel // Sunnies: Spectacle 

Photographer / Tania Martinez

March 23, 2016

Travel: Tulum

Ola! It's been two weeks since I've returned from my magical trip to Tulum and I feel compelled to write a post on it for you guys because I truly fell in love. I went on this trip with a handful of girls where we rented a villa through AirBnB. It was huge and beautiful and came with the sweetest housekeeper that kept us in tip top shape throughout our visit. We were pretty central to everything we did, nothing was more than a half hour drive however my next visit I would stay on the main strip without a doubt. I'm not sure exactly why but I feel pretty connected to this place. Luckily it's a fairly quick flight from Toronto so going back will absolutely be happening. I actually went into this trip with very little planning so didn't have too many expectations on what it was that I wanted to see and do. Some things I did do and others I didn't get around to but also didn't feel bothered by it because again I know 100% I'll be going back and I'll hit up more when I do. Here I'm sharing things that I did and saw and what I'll be going back to do.

Saturday nights catch a groove at Papaya Playa Project. You can grab a cocktail and hang around the bar area, get your dance on inside to whoever is spinning that night or hang out on the beach while listening to the waves crash. Even during the day they have a DJ creating a vibe everyday after 3pm that's worth hanging around for.
Friday night it's all about Gitano. It's the spot everyone hits up in Tulum for sure. Whether you are there to eat, enjoy one of their delicious cocktails or to get your party on to their DJ it has it all. The vibe is beyond adorable and romantic. Gitano is on the jungle side so you are surrounded by a sea of lanterns and chandeliers hanging from the palm trees. It's too cute... I can't even!

It's tough to find a bad place to eat I think. On our final night we did hit up Posada Margherita. Ignore the website, it sucks and does no justice. This actually did impact my thoughts on going at first, except everyone who had been to Tulum demanded I go so luckily I listened and now I understand why. For starters, I was eating taco's and guac for basically the entire trip so switching it up to Italian with a big plate of pasta was exactly what my tummy was craving. On top of it all this restaurant was on the ocean where most are on the jungle side. We had such a good meal, seated at the best table in the house ending the trip perfectly.

A lot of people were recommending Hartwood. This place doesn't accept reservations, instead you wait in line at about 3pm and hope you get in. Some people say it's all hype where others swear by the food so although I didn't make it this trip it will be a priority for the next which I'll then come to my own conclusion and report back.

Going to Yaan Wellness is a must if you can afford a pamper splurge. This place will forever be special to me after my personal experience I had there. For starters it's absolutely beautiful, although there's not much that isn't along Tulum's main strip. The staff is beyond kind. The water circuits you have access to before your treatment is incredible and when you are ready for you massage you are escorted into your own personal little hut! Of course massages are meant to be relaxing and enjoyed and for the most part they always are but I'm telling you this was so different. The techniques they used felt sooooo good and I've also never felt so present in a massage. I was walking on a freaking cloud when I left that place. I was so at peace and this as well was on my last day so I really ended it on the most perfect note possible.

So I didn't get a chance to do an actual yoga class here but again when I go back I will absolutely be hitting up some sessions at Sanara. The space overlooks the ocean with floor to ceiling windows. Your view of complete beauty will no doubt get that zen running through you before your session even begins. 

While we were there I swam with the giant sea turtles at Akumal Beach. The beach is beautiful white sands and turquoise waters. There were turtles everywhere munching on the sea grass, their favourite snack. From time to time they would come up for a quick breath at the surface then scoot back down. Aside from the turtles there isn't much more to see but it's something I really wanted to do because I simply think turtles are pretty freaking cute. The day we went was our hottest but as much as the beach is beautiful it's not very comfortable as the sand is quite compact making your laying surface super hard. Later that day we hit up a couple cenotes that were pretty cool. I've never swam in one before so I was quite breathe taken/ frightened. Even snorkeling isn't something I've actually done as crazy as that sounds so my childish side definitely came out for this part of the trip.

I need to give a quick shout-out to Vichy for hooking a girl up with some much needed sun protection. All that snorkeling really gets ya without noticing and their after sun saved my life!! I've always been one to wear oils and no sunscreen but with aging it's something I'm putting an end to. High SPF doesn't mean a tan won't come, trust me I came back very much bronzed! Protect your skin beauties because it WILL catch up to us the older we get. I hope you enjoyed my trip to Tulum through my iPhone lens!! I've booked Greece for July and can't wait to share that vacay with you guys too!!