January 26, 2016

We Are Superstars

Well this post pretty much sums up my winter uniform that consists of all black and sneakers when possible. Thankfully we haven't had too much snow so far this winter so I've still been able to rock this athletic trend. For someone who doesn't really work out I definitely own one too many pairs of sneakers I think. These Adidas Superstars are my jam though and when you take a closer look you will notice they are truly one of a kind. A while back I went to a pop-up store opening, Fitzroy Boutique, who partnered with Adidas and local artists to shake things up. We were spoiled with a pair of kicks of our choice with the opportunity to have them painted with whatever our little hearts desired. Obviously I jumped at the idea because why wouldn't you. I told my artist, Madison Van Rijn, that I liked pink and hearts and all that good shit. Later when I came back to grab them I started freaking out at how adorable they turned out. Cartoon-like hearts everywhere, lips puckered with a SWAK and a heart breaking on one foot. It's like she knew me lol!! Fashion should be fun and this was the perfect project to exemplify just that, plus I get super excited when I slip them on. I'm savouring the moments because I'm afraid to have any of her work wear off. I get conflicted if they are wearable shoes or art. I give them their own space on display in my home yet I've worn them about 5 times so I'll go with wearable art!! Let me know, would you get crafty with a pair of your shoes to make them unique to you?
Sweater: One Teaspoon | Leggings: Aritzia | Sneakers: Adidas | Hat: Topshop | Necklace: Biko

Photographer / Tania Martinez