December 22, 2015

Shu Uemura Holiday Giftaway

It's the holidays (well I'm at least officially on my holidays) so I thought why not squeeze in one more giveaway for my loyal readers. This gift set is AMAZING! It features 5 Shu Uemura products that TRUST you will want to get your hands on! Recently I did a post on some Shu products I was sent that I really ended up loving so I am confident you AND your hair will love what each of these products can do and help with during your hair routine. So here is what you get:
1) Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo - I have used their essence absolue so I can only imagine how soft and light your hair is going to feel after massaging this stuff through your scalp. It's also paraben and silicone-free that your body will love you for.
2) Shu Uemura Wonder Worker - This is a product that I use every time I step out of the shower with freshly washed hair. Two spritz and it makes brushing out my hair so much more manageable. It also adds moisture and leaves your hair protected, something that is important since more heat is usually put on our hair this time of year.
3) Shu Uemura Straight Forward - I have not tried this but it sounds like a must have, so much I need to get my hands on it. So this stuff you want to use before you blow dry to cut your dry time in half. So those of you with thick hair, long hair, a lot of hair this is your best friend. I used to time myself blow drying my hair in high school to rub it in my girlfriends face that it took me a total of 1.5 minutes when she was looking at 10. So kind of me right? But the point here is that I understand! LOL. OK so this is why I want this stuff in my life. It also acts just like a primer for our face does. For those of you who use primer YOU KNOW the difference of how easily your tinted moisturizer or foundation glides on your face if you've prepped your skin with primer. It's night and day really. So Shu Uemura's Straight Forward is doing the same thing to you hair. It's making those heating tools glide over your locks more effortlessly. I curl my hair with my straightener and I KNOW THAT YOU KNOW what I'm talking about when you try 'gliding' and all of a sudden you get stuck tugging half way through forcing it the rest of the way to your ends. Well say good bye to that with a little spritz of this.
4) Shu Uemura Touch of Gloss - This sounds pretty cool too. Obviously as the name implies it adds gloss/shine to your hair promising no stickiness but also pointing out that it enhances the style and angles of your haircut.
5) Shu Uemura Volume Maker - I haven't tried this but I do use a similar product achieving the same results and I do use it a lot when I'm styling so it's a great product to have on hand. It may sound funny that a powder can create volume but let me tell you it sure can! Section your hair up in three parts, shake this powder into the root area of all three sections, tap it in then give it a bit of a massage  and you will get so much volume at first you will have to probably do some taming. My hair is quite flat and I think it looks funny with my head shape so having some volume especially around my face is important and this will help you get exactly that if you feel the same way!

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