December 10, 2015

Pamper Day with League

Imagine getting a massage in the comfort of your own home, especially this time of year when leaving your place becomes more of a challenge with every dip in temperature. Personally I'm not one for the 'experiences' of things. For example, the thought of going to a hair salon for three hours, some people love, but for me I find it absolutely dreadful. As someone who constantly has things running through her brain I start to get antsy as time starts ticking away. Yes, I am grateful that my best friend is incredible at hair and comes to my house every 3 months to get the job done. So recently I signed up for League which is basically your uber app for health professionals. You can search for massage therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors, dieticians, pretty much anything and this app allows you to search based on ratings or by location for convenience. Since it's been TIME since I'm gotten a rub down that was my focus and sure enough I land on a massage therapist that comes to you. COUNT ME IN, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So all this is great but then I think about two issues I have. For starters I  live in a 500 square foot box, like is this bed of hers even going to fit? And if it does that's fantastic but I also have a yappy dog who just loves to bark at new visitors so there goes my zen. Now that I've gone through my at-home massage experience here are my tips for those of you living the small urban lifestyle similar to mine.

1. You send your pup to the SPAW. This part got a bit strategic as I had to rebook in order to get these appointments to both land on the same day within the same time frame but I made it work. Plus Foxy was just as overdue for some maintenance as I was for a massage.
2. I'm not the tidiest person and living in small spaces means it can get messy very quick so this is a great excuse to get your space in order.
3. Now that your place is clean and tidy it makes it easier for you to shift your furniture around to accommodate the massage table. Your going to need about 6' of space to get this thing to fit and for mobility of your masseuse. I know you've got about 8-10' to work with so just pretend your furniture are puzzle pieces and clear the area.
4. Create a playlist. This is your home so music is fair game. Maybe birds chirping or waves crashing isn't your jam so you want some R&B...well maybe that's not setting the most appropriate mood so perhaps some jazz. But to each their own just set something up that works for you.
5. Speaking of setting the mood do you have a favourite candle you love the smell of? Light it up buttercup, get those scents flowing. I actually have a humidifier that has a little trap door in the back for oils so I had that running with a couple drops eucalyptus to push in the air. You may not have this so another thing I do is actually put eucalyptus bath salts in a bowl next to my bed so you could put a few of these through your tiny place too and the scent will get picked up in no time.
6. Get your bathrobe ready. Enjoy the massage and when you are finished pour yourself a nice cup of tea to relax for a moment because at any time your phone is going to ring letting you know your hyper dog is also done and needs to be picked up.

That's it you are now set for a day at the spa... but in your home. IT'S THE BEST! Plus making fancy water with cucumber, or grapefruit really isn't that difficult if that's the part you feel like you're missing out on. Go download League to take a tour of everything it has to offer. Especially with the New Year ahead and all that New You stuff that comes with there for sure is something in there to help you get a head start.

And because I know you want to know, here's how Foxy's spaw day went.