November 30, 2015

Practical Winter Outerwear

Ughhh, I'm so not a winter person even though they are much more tolerable here in Toronto than the ones I grew up in. Having a good PRACTICAL jacket is so essential for getting through the season and luckily here in Canada we have some incredible designers for outerwear. This year I was looking for a more boxy fit, mega warmth but not bulky and movement restricting causing the 'Michelin Man' effect but bonus features including leather details and fur trims. Rudsak hosts sample sales twice a year that I usually hit up so when I visited their Facebook page to look for details I WAS TREND STRUCK by one of their jackets. Seriously guys it was love at first site and you're damn right I visited them to scoop it up. So everyone meet Caney, she is actually everything I wanted and more. On top of everything it has stylish leather sleeves, a hood entirely lined with the coziest fur and a double front zip that I actually like wearing open when the time is appropriate. The best part about everything is that when they host their sample sales they do 20% in store so because this was new season I didn't quite get the sample deal but the discount sure did help me out. I have truthfully never loved a winter jacket as much as this one nor felt this prepared to take on a winter. So thank you Rudsak you have made my cold winter season ahead complete. Also, what do you think of my new Le Chateau kicks? I am a black bootie addict, it's official. The line up at my front door is just as bad as a nightclub on a Saturday night. But here's the thing aside from the attractive leather skin the heel is chunky, which we all know is my fave BUT also provides mega comfort, it's got a lug sole to give you traction as the streets start to get a little slippery and the height is higher than the ankle so you don't have that bit of skin exposed when you're wearing skinny jeans. I'm telling you people there is always a time and place for each and every one of those 50 pairs of black shoes you have to get worn. 
Or maybe I'm just crazy! Stay warm you pretty little thangs xx 
Jacket: Rudsak | Leggings: Aritzia | Boots: Le Chateau | Sunglasses: Retrosuperfuture

Photographer / Tania Martinez

November 26, 2015

Winter Style Trends Challenge with STC

So a couple weeks back I had one of the most fun days ever. I was given the opportunity to shop my little heart out over at Scarborough Town Centre with two other beauties. Sara Kooner, editor-in-chief, over at has been someone I've admired from afar for all her achievements for some time now so I was thrilled to get to work with her more closely for this project. Our other partner in crime for the day who I hadn't met before was Elaisha Jade, youtube personality and all other sorts of thangs, over at and my goodness this girl had me laughing the entire time. She most definitely is a personality you gotta love her. It was honestly such a fun filled day to hang with these two, shop the day away then see our different personalities come through in each of our looks. So the style challenge was to put together an outfit incorporating winter trends and well, we pretty much nailed the task. Watch for yourself to see just how much fun we actually had plus the results of our challenge!
MY LOOK: I'm all about the sugary pastels, they attract me instantly so I combined soft pinks with black to tie in my edgier side. Trends that are incorporated in my look aside from pastels are cropped knits, kind of really obsessed with them right now, sleeveless jackets or long vests for layering and masculine inspired shoes.
SARA'S LOOK: I was so impressed by how easily this look quickly came together. I caught myself getting excited with each piece she snagged because I could see it all coming together. Sara's actually got a lot of popular trends going on right now. Oversized pom on toques are HUGE (and ridiculously adorable), bomber jackets which I'm always had a thing for and don't see the love ever fading, backpacks and even metallics specifically like the one she chose, sneakers (best trend ever to happen) and nude for lips.
ELAISHA'S LOOK: Her look was actually a total surprise to me, I didn't know what this one was up to but it turned out soft and well put together. For Elaisha's look she layered up two statement necklaces creating a super awesome piece, lace-up shoes are on the rise and I've been eyeing the ones she scooped up and finally a monochromatic look that I don't think is really going anywhere.
So what do you think? Did we nail that challenge or what? I love that all three looks were different yet somehow ended up being so cohesive. What a dream team! Big thanks to Scarborough Town Centre for carrying everything we needed to successfully complete the task at hand with ease. And if you are inspired by any of these pieces scoop them up while all these Black Friday sales are happening!! Get on the trends ladies! xx
Photographer & Video / Dave Chang

November 24, 2015

Sanuk Footwear

Sanuk Bianca Oxford
We can all agree comfort comes directly under aesthetics when choosing shoes and when it comes to Sanuk you can always count on that. I own a few pairs that I use as quick throw ons and these cute little guys I've actually been wearing a lot around the house. In the winter our floors get colder so I always like something on my feet to give them a hug of warmth. I usually turn to my slippers but now these little Sanuk Bianca Oxfords are in rotation. I can't help it! The suede is so soft it feels like there is nothing to them. You can even roll these puppies up like a yoga mat they are so flexible. And speaking of yoga mats Sanuk actually designed this shoe with a yoga pod insert at the heel so it feels squishy just like a mat! Crazy right? They use this in the footbed of a lot of their sandals too. They really do find crazy ways to prove their shoes really are never uncomfortable. 
Sauna Bianca Oxford
Sauna Bianca Oxford
Sauna Bianca Oxford
Sauna Bianca Oxford
Sauna Bianca Oxford
Sauna Bianca Oxford
Sweater: Fitzroy Boutique | Bralette: Urban Outfitters | Pants: Club Monaco | Shoes: Sanuk

Photographer / Tania Martinez

November 16, 2015

A few favourites

Three things I love: A choker, halter neckline and senso shoes. Chokers instantly add a bit of badass when I incorporate them into my look. Although this one is more basic being the simple velvet we used to wear back in the nineties there are now so many other variations of this trend that I'm digging. Similar to this that I'm actually looking for right now is a simple but wider band in either velvet or silk, but I love the statement of one made of metal or a dainty thin string tied in a bow in the front. The great thing about chokers is you can play around and make your own simply by hitting up a fabric store and Michaels. I actually think I might do that...stay tuned! Up next is the halter neckline that I talk and rock time and time again so I'll keep it short. Even though the halter is a neckline that gives more coverage I find it so sexy. For me I find it makes my upper body appear smaller and for some reason all throughout my life I've always felt quite broad up top. People tell me to shut up all the time when I say that but we all have our things right? The halter offers the illusion that you are quite tiny plus you get a bit of collarbone exposure and what chick doesn't love when those pop out for an appearance? Moving on: Senso. It's no wonder I'm obsessed with the majority of Senso shoes because they are an Australian brand. I have a soft spot for anything to do with fashion that comes from that country. Now if I can only make my way over there and experience it first hand that would be wonderful. But seriously this family business knows what's up. They perfect every style, colour, print, concept EVERYTHING. Basically what I'm saying is that if I could only wear one line of shoes forever I would choose Senso, that is how much I love them. K, bye! x
Top & Choker: Urban Outfitters | Pants: Aritzia | Shoes: Senso

Photographer / Tania Martinez