September 22, 2015


BIKO is at the top of my list for favourite Canadian jewelry designers, easily. I discovered this line when I stole one of my sisters necklaces (naturally) and as time went on the line kept popping up and every time it did I was always falling in love with each piece. Although I've turned more dainty recently I could never give up substantial pieces to create a good look at times. I feel like designer Corrine Anestopoulos designs specifically for my taste lol. But really there isn't a piece she creates that I don't love and think "this is like soooooo me". I can't get enough of the different metals available (it seriously causes conflict when deciding which to get) and the pendants she uses. A lot are tribal looking, some infused with stones but all super earthy that fit my style to a T. If I were you I would hop over to her site and check out her latest Fall Collection because it's amazing. I am eyeing way too many pieces but I can assure the Thea Wrap is definitely one I'm snagging. Hope you love the line just as much as I do! xx
Skirt: Aritzia | Necklace: Biko | Shoes: Zara

Photographer / Tania Martinez



  1. so cute!! ;-))

    i invite to me too

  2. Your heels are fantastic. I love this look!