August 27, 2015

KÉRASTASE | Book of Braids + Matérialiste

Kerastase Book of Braids, Kerastase materialiste
Hey ladies!! Today's post is all about Kerastase, the leading hair product creators. Seriously this stuff is like the Chanel of shampoo. I've now been using a few of their lines over the past two months and my hair is LOVING IT! I'll tell you more about what I've been using in another post but today I'm going to talk to you about the release of their super adorable Book of Braids AND the launch of their new product called Matérialiste. The Couture Book of Braids is a book filled with super cute illustrations on an array of braids to master for just about any occasion. Not a good braider? Neither was I but this book gives you step-by-step instructions, tips and what Kérastase products work best with each braid. Want to get your hands on a copy of this book AND get entered to win a super cute Matérialiste tote filled with Kérastase's Couture Styling Collection? It's very simple just click THIS LINK and sign up to get entered! 
Kerastase Book of Braids, Kerastase couture collection
K but can we talk about these products for a sec? So Matérialist is new to the collection and what it does is actually plump your hair. Yep that's right we plump other things up like our lips and now we can do it to our hair. All you do is spritz it to the area you want to braid and as it dries the cuticle expands and gives you a fuller looking braid. I know I just got all you thin haired girls excited! Other products I'm currently loving in the collection are Volume in Powder, perfect when backcombing for volume and Spray À Porter for that tousled beachy wave look that I always rock. If you want to give any Kérastase products a try enter MARLABRAIDS to receive free shipping on your order! 
Kerastase book of braids
Let's hop back to the braids again! Kérastase invited myself and a handful of other bloggers to attend a braid demonstration followed by a one-on-one to master a braid of choice. With my short hair I unfortunately can't take part in a lot of them but the 'swept-back secret braid' I could which is perfect really because it does fit my style best anyway. Above is the page out of the Book of Braids that illustrates this one and as you can see it gives you steps as well as recommending Forme Fatale and Laque Noire for products. On top of these two I did use the matérialiste so my braid looked fuller on my short head of hair. You can also notice under the braid name that there are two little icons. One tells you that it's a braid you can complete in 5 minutes and the other means it's short hair approved. This book is so cute seriously go get your copy now, it's a resource you'll want to have on hand forever. 
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