July 24, 2015

Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo
Hey guys! I'm back with another product I'm loving right now and I even whipped up a youtube video for you guys to see it in action. I've been a dry shampoo addict for quite some time now so when Moroccan Oil launched their version I had to try it! It's easy to go with baby powder, which is what I started with but for starters the white residue made it quite obvious and also if others caught smell of it and knew this trick I would be busted. I've experimented with a few different dry shampoos and it's Batiste from the drugstore that has been my go-to. That is until now. Moroccan Oils Dry Shampoo goes beyond covering up the grease and actually works as a hair treatment. All of this is found in the video below but for us blondes the spray has a violet undertone that helps balance brassiness therefore preserving the vibrancy of our bright tones. For you brunettes it won't leave a white residue and will actually maintain the richness and dimensions of your dark tones. Since I'm always outside and it being summer it also protects against UV damage. We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes, sunscreen to protect our skin yet we don't really think about the need to protect our hair which we should and this product does exactly that. This dry shampoo doesn't leave a powder residue like many can, it gives you quite a bit of volume and as you would expect it smells amazing! So check out the video below to see the effects it had on my hair as well you can scroll down a bit further for before and after pics. 

The pictures below took a matter of 30 seconds from taking the dirty to clean pics. There was a lot of grease and sweat from laying out in the sun and with such little time it looked like I was ready to hit up an event or something. Whether you just don't want to have to clean and style your hair everyday or you are looking to maintain a great blow out or curl for a couple days then dry shampoo is your best friend!
You can snag a can here if you like what you see!
Dry Shampoo


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