April 30, 2015

Social Struck / Favourite April Moments

I've decided to start Social Struck to compile my favourite moments that have been shared over my different social channels each month. Since it's common for people to have a more popular method of following you may miss updates that have been shared on a different platform. So at the end of each month look for my top 10 favourite moments that have been shared over my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.
1. I kicked April off by celebrating my sisters 35th birthday. All her friends, husband and I pulled together some $$$ to surprise her with a super rad Dylanex necklace that you can see worn in this pic. I could be jealous but with all the clothes my sister has borrowed over the years I now have the right to take this pup whenever I want (right Alicia?).
2. OverCat communications invited me to meet with St. Tropez Global Product Development Director Jacqui Burchell to preview the new Luxe Facial Oil. I haven't tried it yet but I'm super excited about it. I'm not into self tanners but St. Tropez is one that has won me over. Their products don't have that horrible smell, they don't leave streaks instead you get the most natural, gradual glow. The new facial oil can be applied after your evening cleansing ritual 2-3 times a week to start seeing the results.
3. Bench Canada sends us on some really fun adventures so this month we were invited to BATL where a large group of us got to axe throw. I've been wanting to try this since realizing it was even a thing and as expected I had so much fun. I highly recommend getting a crew together to give it a shot. We all dressed up in our Bench attire and practiced throwing around axes for the first hour then dove into a competition in which I WON. I'm from a small town so I guess my upbringing put me at an advantage.
4. The weather is getting nicer here in Toronto so I decided to stroll my favourite Queen West area and I was shocked to see how many new stores there were since I visited last. My favourite was definitely Anthropologie that has taken over an old 19-th century church. This store had so much character I wanted to snap pictures of every little detail. They even had plants with pineapples growing out of them!! Go check it out if you are in the area I promise you won't leave disappointed.
5. My favourite blog post this month was styling my favourite shaggy jacket. Fur really took a step to the side this season and messy shag was embraced by many including myself. It actually makes me sad that I'll be putting it away until next Fall however when we reunite I'm sure it will be like the time we first met.
6. I got invited to the Lacoste FW preview. I loved all the details to their showroom, they really captured that athletic feel. There were a few pieces that caught my eye like a triangle sheer cut-out sweater, or this layered looking wool jacket and particularly these white leather kicks.
7. This month I decided to team up with my friend Natalie who is also a shoe ambassador for Le Chateau and blogger over at My Little Secrets. We decided to pick the same shoe to style in our own way then come together for a photoshoot and it turned out adorable. I can't wait to do more collaborations like this for you soon.
8. Last week I attended Toronto Fashion Group International's Mentor Dinner where they invited 9 mentors all in the fashion and beauty industry. We were all assigned a table with a mentor where we enjoyed dinner and great conversation. There were several amazing mentors in the room but I was especially excited to meet Jenny Bird. I've been a huge fan of her jewelry for quite some time and just look at how spunky she is!
9. Two days ago I was invited to Lotus Leaf's Press Days where I walked their showroom to hear a little bit about each brand they represent and what's new. Between bags, clothing, jewelry, lingerie and nail polish there was a lot to look forward to. In particular I loved Alex & Ani's summer collection of bracelets that include fun colours and adorable new charms.
10. Last night I went back to school! I've decided to take a course in Digital Marketing at Branstation to improve all my self-taught skills and to learn more in the area's that I've pushed to the side like SEO and analytics. I left my job at the end of last year ready to take on a new direction in the marketing world so hopefully with new skills under my belt and a boost in confidence I'll land a new job soon!
Hope you enjoyed my April roundup. See you next month! xx


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  2. Sounds like an awesome month! That Anthropologie store on Queen is very cool.