March 31, 2015

Rips & Holes / Le Chateau March Shoe Faves

Earlier this month I headed into Le Chateau to choose a favourite shoe for March except I got so excited when I found the ones that two pairs of the same shoe came home with me but in different colours. When I was younger I would get myself into this situation a lot. It's actually something that I totally got from my mother. It's all your fault mom! As long as it doesn't become a habit and you understand the value of adding variety to your closet than once in a while you can let these things slide. The shoes this month reflect the transition of seasons in a way. Although they offer a lot of coverage the toes are peaking out a tad to ease them into the soon-to-be sandal season. They have a nice chunky heel which is something I've mentioned several times that I'm a big fan of and the colour is nice and refreshing for Spring. They actually were a perfect compliment to my new Frame jeans that I'm big time obsessed with. I've barely taken them off since owning them and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I just can't get enough of rips right now! Which btw my family thinks is a joke. They can't get over the fact that we spend money on "damaged" clothing. Hello, how am I supposed to look grungy and badass in perfectly pressed jeans? It actually makes me laugh to myself thinking about the future when I'm older looking down on my kids and grandchildren and having these same thoughts. I'm so curious.... like what is it going to me like!!! Or are we a more open minded generation with this stuff that nothing will really surprise us by then? Who knows, time will tell.
Top: M for Mendocino / Necklace: Birds of a Feather / Jeans: Frame Denim / Shoes: Le Chateau

Photographer / Tania Martinez