February 28, 2015

Highs and Lows

I thought my love for the hi-lo look ended a looooong time ago. That was until I came across this tee that I found at M for Mendocino recently. It came in so many colours I could barely choose which one to take home with me. Since I got into duster cardigans this season I guess it shouldn't be that surprising so it's just dresses in the hi-lo that I lost my passion for. But let's talk about the possibilities here. It looks obviously amazing with my faux leather Aritzia leggings that I wear with pretty much everything, it also looks just as good over denim if the leather look is too much for you or with the appropriate slip underneath I would totally wear it with my suede knee highs. Ok maybe that's stretching it so throw a mini skirt under there (after all I am turning 30 next month so it's time to not be so risqué). Speaking of boots today I'm rocking my February picks from Le Chateau. I'm really excited about them because this boot height is unlike any that I have. I always stick around the ankle for a lower boot but once I put these on I felt kinda badass in the height. I look forward to incorporating these a lot more into my daily outfits!

Top: M for Mendocino / Leggings: Wilfred Free by Aritzia / Hat: Topshop / Necklace: Free People / Boots: Le Chateau

Photographer / Tania Martinez


February 25, 2015

Cropped Knits

cropped knits, fall fashion, crop tops
Question: Was a big part of what you loved about summer due to the fact that you could wear crop tops? Was for me and it was a sad thought to think they weren't going to get worn as much with temperatures lowering. Lucky for us fashion evolved as the seasons did and cropped sweaters were popping up everywhere and it quickly put my sadness to rest. This cropped knit from H&M was basically love at first sight. I loved the mix of black and white knit detailing and although I'm not normally keen on turtlenecks this one was so loose that it worked for me. The length was also perfect too because with a lower rise pant you can show off a bit of midriff or close the gap with a high waisted skirt to create a different cropped style. That's actually a look I've loved for a while: skirts dressed down with sweaters or chunky knits. It looks so polished yet so cozy. So what about you? Have you tried out these shorter lengths this season or are you waiting for summer to roll back around?cropped knits, fall fashion, crop tops
cropped knits, fall fashion, crop tops, turtleneck style
cropped knits, fall fashion, crop tops, turtleneck style
cropped knits, fall fashion, crop tops, turtleneck style
cropped knits, fall fashion, crop tops, turtleneck style
Sweater: H&M / Pants: GAP / Shoes: Sam Edelman / Sunglasses: Supers

Photographer / Tania Martinez


February 12, 2015

Golden Girl

thigh high boots, suede boots, winter fashion
I've got a big love affair for thigh highs right now! The romance all began last winter, but to find a pair at all was actually a difficult challenge. I ended up finding a pair by LK Bennett that I liked a lot at a Holt's sale but of course my size wasn't available. I hunted for them online and successfully found them, luckily on sale because the duties alone could have gotten me another sweet pair of shoes. Anyway the day after I ordered the LK Bennetts I strolled into Stuart Weitzman juuuuuuust to see if maybe they had their highland stocked in my size (if you don't know, these babies sell out the moment they hit the shelves and if you know me this is a typical situation I would put myself in) as the universe would have it OF COURSE they just had a pair land in my size earlier that morning just as I threw down for a pair that I ordered less then 24hrs prior!! I mean YA I HAD TO PUT THEM ON STILL!! Feeling tempted but knowing this would be a really stupid decision since the others were non returnable and it would mean two months rent thrown down in basically a day I walked away. Sobbing. Well guess what a new winter season came, an improved version of the highland was released and I just so happened to stroll in on a day that was customer appreciation day and without hesitation the latest Stuart Weitzman Highstreet entered Trend Strucks collection! BOOM! K, but seriously guys I dare you to find something that sucks about these beauts. Cute with a mini {obvi}, sick over leggings especially my faux leather Aritzia Daria leggings and even over denim. Listen, when there is no snow outside (and thankfully this winter has blessed us with very little) these children WILL come out! Knee highs have officially lost a place on my shoe shelf. Thigh highs ONLY {insert emoji girl with arms Xed}! New heights have been reached people and I am so in! 
Thigh high boots, crop tops, winter fashion, leather mini skirt
Thigh high boots, winter fashion, leather mini skirt
Thigh high boots, leather mini, crop tops, golden girl, target floppy hat
Bows on boots, suede boots
Thigh high boots, target floppy hat, leather skirt, fall fashion
aldo necklace
Thigh high boots, suede boots, topshop crop top, leather zara skirt
Crop top: Topshop / Skirt: Zara / Hat: Target / Necklace: Aldo / Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Photographer / Tania Martinez