July 01, 2014

Copy Cat

Round 2 of Copy Cat is here and I think it's one of my favourite segments to do. We are constantly inspired by style whether it's on or offline and naturally we experiment to achieve something similar that combines the look that caught our eye and our own personal style.  Today's look I stumbled across on Pinterest (shocker). Recently I've turned a new leaf by pushing aside my gold accessories and rediscovering my love for silver. It's easy to say that the belt is immediately what drew me to this outfit. If you break it down it's such an effortless look that is so well pulled together and all by her adding this amazing boho/gypsy style belt. As I dove into my closet I was able to style my version of this look by combining a grey chiffon skirt, that is actually a Twobirds overlay to their bridesmaid dresses, a simple tank and this amazing belt by Brave Leather. Ta-Da! 
Photographer / Tania Martinez



  1. Gorgeous skirt, lovely styling.


  2. Great outfit, you look amazing! :)


  3. great look ;_))


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  4. I honestly like yours better! That belt is beautiful and the skirt is gorgeous :)