July 29, 2014

Spotlight / Lisbeth & Birds of a Feather

A lot of what I love today was discovered online and quite commonly on instagram. It was this image, found on the Lisbeth homepage, that caught my eye. The layering of simple necklaces formed such beauty that was relatable to my style that it intrigued me to follow this account for more. Ok well maybe the fact that the designer behind Lisbeth Jewelry, Sophie Alden, also has a pup and pet bunny that hang out and look cute together. I know right? For sure you are hoping over to see this right now! Sophie also has another jewelry line called Birds of a Feather offering more pieces to choose from at very reasonable prices. I was so thrilled to hear from her and to get my hands on a piece from each of the lines and in fact they have both easily become my two favourite pieces that I wear regularly. I even have days that I talk myself out of wearing them because they seem to go with everything and look so amazing worn together. Actually come to think of it you can see me rocking the pieces in this post and this post. The necklace I'm wearing from the Lisbeth collection is the top one called Cyd and it's 14k gold featuring a white howlite bezel triangle pendant. The other necklace, the silver arrow, is from the Birds of a Feather line and it's fair to say I'm obsessed with it. It's even caught men's eyes - I've had three guys ask to have it! Not a chance. These two joining forces for some reason just make me really happy!
Photographer / Tania Martinez


July 24, 2014

It's A Trend Thing / The Stripe Tuxedo Pant

When 'the stripe' came back I nearly died. I was immediately taken back to grade 6 or 7 when I used to rock a pair of wide leg denim with a black and white stripe down the side nearly everyday I loved them so much. My memory can be pretty terrible but those pants are a piece from the past that I never forget about! I remember 10 years later even thinking about them and wondering what the heck was going through my head with those pants and that hideous stripe. Like why was that stripe even necessary? Well lo and behold, as I should have known because it's fashion, that stripe came back and I WAS IMMEDIATELY INTO IT even given the horror of my flashback!!! The stripe in the pants I've styled in this post are very subtle being navy on a black pant but I LOVE a classic black stripe on white pants. I think I'm trend struck by the stripe tuxedo because it has an athletic look, like a track pant in a way, that I'm huge into right now. Check out more styling inspiration on my Pinterest Trends Board.
Share your thoughts below! Are you into the stripe? xx

Photographer / Tania Martinez


July 15, 2014

Pardon My Print / Floral

Nothing speaks sunny weather louder than a good floral print. Definitely a print for the more feminine fashionista but also a print that people feel more comfortable wearing full on.  Floral we have been wearing since we were little girls so we don't necessarily feel it to be as over powering as other prints. Typical to my personal style I wore a bold pant with a floral print that included an array of rich, eye-catching colours then neutralized my look with a basic tank pulled from one of the colours found in the pants keeping the focus down below. That being said with clashing prints (and matching prints) trending I do really love the image above where the women is wearing floral from head to toe. As always if wearing print period is too much for you there are always other ways to get in on the action through your clutch, shoes or since it's summer rocking a floral headband! How do you prefer to wear this print? Tell me in the comment section below xx
Photographer / Tania Martinez


July 04, 2014

The Essential / Chambray Shirt

Welcome to The Essential. Follow these posts, collect these staples and you will have a solid foundation to start building some serious style.
Don't worry I thought denim counted as chambray for a long time too, nobody's judging! As mentioned above chambray tends to be more lightweight than denim making this piece especially perfect for spring/summer. Being a thinner fabric also allows for more styling versatility. Yes it looks great on it's own, layered overtop of another shirt like I've styled mine, but it's also easy to layer under other pieces like sweaters, blazers or jackets. Aside from it's lightweight, chambray is identified by it's even-weave of coloured warp yarns and a white weft yarn. The coloured warp can be any colour really but it's history and how we recognize it today is mainly blue. If you want to get even more specific with details look for is its loose fit (check), ability to roll up sleeves (check), two chest pockets with button flaps (ok so I have one pocket, no flap but there is a button) and reinforced stitching (no idea but probably not since mine is for fashion not working in). 
If you're still not convinced that this should be a mandatory component for your closet then check out my Pinterest board for more chambray styling inspiration.
Photographer / Tania Martinez