June 28, 2014

Beauty in a Bottle: Summer Beauty Picks

St.Tropez, Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse
With sunshine blazing I know some of you still can't achieve that bronzed glow and not to worry because this is the perfect product for you. It's time to throw out all those other bronzers you have tried that left you orange or streaked because this one will do neither except leave you with a natural tan. So aside from being quick-drying (you can throw clothes on right after application), easy-to-apply (you don't have to worry about even application) and being super lightweight, the actives in this formula allow you to pick the shade of tan you desire depending on when you wash it off. After showering your skin will be light in colour but over the course of eight hours your tan will continue to develop! So go get your tan on girl!

Ceramic Glaze, Pure Nail Colour
My colour for this season is white, white and white. I just love it for some reason, I find it pops against just about everything I wear. This summer I have been wearing Ceramic Glaze in Pure. I like the application of this particular brand and the end result gives a porcelain, shiny glaze finish. Ceramic Glaze also uses a special clay that works to fortify and harden nails which is a big deal since mine can get so brittle. This season Ceramic Glaze came out with an Island Paradise Collection for those of you who are looking for more colour for your nails. The shades include: Solar Radiance, Shell Me About It, Moji Toes, Lychee Cocktail, I'm On Island Time, Exotic Dragon Fruit and Watermelon Cooler.

Seche Vite, Dry Fast Top Coat
Self explanatory. The worst part about doing your own nails is having the patience to be still until they completely dry. Well now you don't have to wait long at all with this top coat. Not only is it formulated to penetrate through the nail lacquer to the base coat to form a solid, durable and glossy finish but it also dries your nails in minutes.

Stila, Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour
Leaving my house without my brows on is not an option and in the past I've always used pencil to draw them in... until now. This Stila product is designed with a marker-like brush tip that makes it easy to be precise with your lines leaving your brows looking full and naturally defined. The formula they use glides on with ease, won't smudge or run and stays in place until you say when. When I used pencil in the past I would always notice it wear off quickly so using the Stila stick is the perfect solution with the summer heat here. 
Brow colour available in three shades: Dark, Medium and Light.

Cargo Cosmetics, Swimmables - Blush and Bronzer
Although I love the summer months to let my skin breathe by wearing less make-up than usual there are still days and events that come along where I choose to put on a fuller face for. Two products in particular that are amazing during the summer months for when you will be outside in the heat for an extended period of time are Cargo Swimmables.  Both the blush and bronzer produces an effortless glow that stays put in rain or shine.  The long wearing formula withstands perspiration so you don't have to fuss with reapplication while micronized light diffusers work to ensure a gorgeously natural, non-shiny glow.  I'm also a huge fan that they are paraben-free.  Less parabens the better for our bodies!
Blush is offered in three awesome colours: Ibiza, Los Cabos and Bali.

Anna Sui, Lip Colour Top Coat
Tired of reapplying those fun bright colours to your lips this season? You need to try this then! The Lip Colour Top Coat is a special formula containing 2 key ingredients: Colour Fit Powder and Colour Stay Oil. When applied over lipstick, the Colour Fit Powder will attract oils within the lipstick and form a tight protective gel film. Then the Colour Stay Oil will layer on top to create a double seal-in effect. What I love is that the Colour Stay Oil is a fluorine oil that doesn't mix with lipstick so it leaves the lips soft without that drying feeling.



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