March 14, 2014

Outfit of the Day / Plum Palette

Hands down this was my colour of the season!  I loved wearing it, I loved accessorizing in it and my lips favoured the bold look too!  Plum is quite a versatile colour making it super easy to integrate into any look.  Since my love for leather (or faux leather) isn't going anywhere anytime soon I had to pair the two together.  It was pretty much magnetic as you can see.  With spring around the corner it doesn't mean we have to say goodbye to this beautiful but dark shade, instead we just need to style it differently.  Switch up your black with denim, grey, tan or white to easily brighten things up.  If you want to go on the more colourful side of things then you can even pair it with a mustard or chartreuse (hint to an upcoming posts).  And by the way, happy almost spring! x 

Photographer: Tania Martinez


  1. love how your lips match! :)

  2. love ur skirt dear :) plum color looks beautiful on you...

  3. wow i could never pull of purple like you do- you look sooo haute! xO!


  4. I love how polished and put together you are. This look truly shows off your fantastic style and great taste. Gorgeous skirt and I love how you paired it with these booties.

  5. love your lip color and the way you match it with the outfit. so gorgeous!


  6. so chic! I love your skirt & necklace.