February 03, 2014

Three Way Tie / Metal Belt

My favourite accessory of the moment has to be my metal belt.  Mine in particular is the Carmella belt by Brave Leather, a Canadian company.  They offer a variety when it comes to both the metal and the colour of the band. I want one of each eventually!  Since I wear my belt a lot I thought it would be perfect to feature for my 'Three Way Tie' segment this time around!

Black on black.  Opting for that all black outfit just got more interesting.  Wearing the metal belt breaks up the black and makes a big statement.  Yes I decided to go overboard with even more accessories in this look because that's just what I do, but wearing just the belt is all you need to richen up a simple outfit.

Corporate event.  This outfit was styled in the fall so by wearing layers I was able to use the belt to pull everything together.  This outfit is more minimal with accessories as the overall look is much softer than the previous yet a punch in lip was the perfect complement to such a bold belt.

Fancy outerwear.  Now we are really thinking outside of the box!  Why would you not try to get stylish with your outerwear since we are bundled up in it for half a year!  Any jackets you own that can be belted I strongly urge you to get creative with belts you already have to see what you can come up with.  Simple facelifts like this one can go a long way.  Especially with jackets being pricey you will feel like it's brand new!

Photographer / Tania Martinez


  1. Love it! Each look is super chic and glam!

  2. The first look is my favourite !
    Bisous, Manon

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