February 18, 2014

Outfit of the Day / Nicely Knit

Today's look is featuring an awesome Canadian label called Line Knitwear.  If you haven't heard of them yet DO check them out.  I've seen Line scattered along Queen West and each time I see something by them it catches my eye and sure enough when I look at the label to see the brand it's always Line.  In those type of cases it's time to purchase the product!  All of their pieces are so cozy and beautiful at the same time.  If I could live in this sweater I would - in fact I'm wearing it as I'm writing this.  Every time I have worn this sweater I've been stopped by least one person asking me where it's from.  It's definitely one of my top essentials this winter season!!
 Photographer / Tania Martinez


  1. fine look ;-)

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  2. That sweater is so so gorgeous. I haven't heard of that brand before but I will have to keep an eye out the next time I'm shopping! Love your lipstick shade as well.

  3. You look so cozy and I love this sweater! Leather leggings are so hot right now! Have a marvelous weekend!

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