January 25, 2014

It's a Trend Thing / Floppy Hats

Have you taken notice to floppy hats hitting the street scene?  Well they are and why?  Because they look so damn fly and I'm hooked - not shocking.  For starters I have always been into hats for as long as I can remember and if you know me well you know I love to be accessorized at all times.  The floppy hat in particular is cool because you can pull off looking glam in one or have it be the final touch to your casual outfit just to catch an eye or heck take it to beach  (always a good idea to have a hat on hand for the beach).  Check out some inspiration pics below to get you feeling trend struck.
Now that I have you wanting to incorporate this style hat into tomorrow's look you can check out some of my favs I found online.
Forever New / 2 Rag & Bone / 3 Anthropologie / 4 Swell / 5 Swell / 6 Anthropologie

Not sure how to work floppy hats into your day-to-day wear?  Just flip through the many looks I've styled in the past, including a few looks you haven't seen that are just around the corner ;) xx

Photographer / Tania Martinez


  1. i love hat <333

    great photos!!

    new post

  2. Awesome hats! I've gotta get one of these myself

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