January 30, 2014

Outfit of the Day / Beenie Baby

Is everyone keeping warm?  Chances are the answer is BARELY!  This winter season I have been bundled up more than ever and I am O-V-E-R over it! Something that has been keeping my head warm everyday is my hipster beenie that has become my winter staple!  As mentioned before I have an obsession with hats and this one has been basically glued to my head since the cold hit.  So what about you?  What types of hats are you sporting during the winter season?
Photographer / Tania Martinez

January 25, 2014

It's a Trend Thing / Floppy Hats

Have you taken notice to floppy hats hitting the street scene?  Well they are and why?  Because they look so damn fly and I'm hooked - not shocking.  For starters I have always been into hats for as long as I can remember and if you know me well you know I love to be accessorized at all times.  The floppy hat in particular is cool because you can pull off looking glam in one or have it be the final touch to your casual outfit just to catch an eye or heck take it to beach  (always a good idea to have a hat on hand for the beach).  Check out some inspiration pics below to get you feeling trend struck.
Now that I have you wanting to incorporate this style hat into tomorrow's look you can check out some of my favs I found online.
Forever New / 2 Rag & Bone / 3 Anthropologie / 4 Swell / 5 Swell / 6 Anthropologie

Not sure how to work floppy hats into your day-to-day wear?  Just flip through the many looks I've styled in the past, including a few looks you haven't seen that are just around the corner ;) xx

Photographer / Tania Martinez

January 21, 2014

Outfit of the Day / Fancy Fur

Don't let the winter months take away your motivation to continue dressing stylish.  With the cold weather we've been having it's easier to just reach for those cozy sweaters everyday and say the heck with being fashionable.  As much I hate the cold and certainly have my days where I cave, I also have others where I enjoy the challenge especially with my outerwear.  With an overflow of scarves, hats, jackets and boots I will experiment with different looks when I can.  I find it easier to justify my growing collection of winter gear since it's mandatory to wear everyday, right?  Anyway, today's look I decided to wear some 'fancy fur' and switch up this jackets belt with my favourite metal Brave Leather belt to make things a little more glamorous.  The best part about this look is that I didn't have to sacrifice being cold to look good.  Instead I was well bundled up to take on the minus ten degrees!
Photographer / Tania Martinez

January 13, 2014

Broome + Bow

Okay everyone hold onto your seats because I'm about to introduce you to something that is fashionably awesome!  Are you surfing blogs, Pinterest and shopping sites seeing a never-ending list of things you wish you had but can't because, well let's face it money unfortunately doesn't grow on trees?  Say hello to your new best friends, broom + bow, who would like you to have access to an incredible never ending closet filled with wicked top brands!  So here's the deal, for only $49 a month these guys ship you a box (both shipping and return shipping is included) filled with 3-5 goodies that are valued at well over $300.  All month long you get to work these new fabulous pieces into your existing wardrobe sprucing things up a bit without having to go out and spend hundreds of dollars to do so!  And don't worry if they send you something that you end up falling in love with you can keep it and they will offer it to you at a special members price.  It's basically like Christmas except it happens once a month instead of once a year.  Best idea ever! Now go get started by signing up and completing a style profile so your future closet can get to know you.

See below for some items that came in my box courtesy of Broome + Bow.
J.Crew cashmere sweater.  What's great is that I already shop at J.Crew so determining my sense of style was spot on.  The best part is that I always love their cashmere selection but it's so expensive that I never bring any of it home so having this to borrow for the month was wonderful.
Clover Canyon blouse and Theory pants.  I was excited to receive these two pieces because I'm huge into prints so naturally Clover Canyon appeals to me but I have never tried anything on by the brand before and Theory always produces simple but really beautiful clothes.
Mackage purse and Jenny Bird Necklace.  It's not just clothes that will appear in your box, they make sure you are accessorized too!  I love anything made by Mackage so having this purse to rock was my pleasure!  Jenny Bird is actually Canadian too and I have been obsessing over her pieces via Instagram for a while now so to finally get my hands on something of hers made me very happy.

You know that saying of feeling like a kid in a candy store?  Well this couldn't be more appropriate except with Broome + Bow we are just a bit older and in a really great fashion store.  Je t'aime.

Photographer / Jessica Nyznik

January 02, 2014

2013 Bloopers

You didn't think I took this shit seriously did you?  There is a lot that I love about being a style blogger but getting in front of the camera makes me really shy, so naturally I can get a bit silly to loosen up.  Out of the few images that get selected for my blog posts there are still about another hundred that get deleted because of bad angles, weird faces and awkward body poses.  To keep things light I thought I would share some of those 'not so perfect' and funny pics to ring in the New Year.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to say thanks once again for everyone's support here at Trend Struck and would like to pass on my best to you for 2014.

xx Marla
Surprise face
Flippin' the bird... by accident
Trying to keep it together
Time to take a dance break
Taking the wind blown look to the extreme
What's up
Crazy eyes
This guy mixed up play time with picture time
Sometimes people want in on the action
It's been a slice 2013!!