December 12, 2013

Manitobah Mukluks

Last month I was invited by Lotus Leaf Communications to participate in a street style shoot with Refinery29 photographer, Jenna Marie Wakani, and Manitobah Mukluks.  Myself along with other bloggers were asked to style an outfit or two around what we chose for our feet.  Although Manitobah makes some super warm mukluks that would no doubt keep your feet warm during our cold, miserable Canadian winter I chose to go with an adorable pair of moccasins instead.  These grey little guys are so comfortable and have a durable sole so you can take them out to the streets, which is exactly what I plan on all the time.  They will be my everyday shoe as soon as the cold disappears!  
If you love these little moccasins as much as I do you can visit the Manitobah website and purchase them here.


  1. Nice look, love your shoes.
    Thanks for your comment.

    Very soon.

  2. Love these flats and you styled them so beautifully. This sweater is fabulous and looks oh so comfy!

  3. cute!! ;-)

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  4. Great outfit! I love your shoes!