November 18, 2013

Outfit of the Day / Spotted Feline

While shopping around for some new sweaters to add to my fall wardrobe I stumbled upon this one that is purr-fection.  Leopard print is acceptable to wear anytime of year, it's just finding the season specific piece that can change.  I have a pair of leopard print pants and a tank that I wear more in the warmer months so adding this sweater to the collection was, in my opinion, needed.  What caught my attention was how different the print was.  In fact the spots pop out from the sweater a bit creating fun texture.  I knew immediately I wanted to pair the sweater up with my faux-leather leggings to pick up on the subtle cinnamon colour in the sweater.  Since the leggings are hip huggers and the sweater barely meets the bottoms I decided to create more length by adding a sheer button-up blouse and popping out the collar.
This look is a whole lot of fun!
Photographer: Tania Martinez


  1. great :-0))

    i invite to me too

  2. Simply amazing styling!

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