October 04, 2013

WHAT2WEAR / Wedding

Since I have a wedding to attend next weekend I thought I would take this opportunity to chat about what you should wear when attending such an occasion.  The wedding day is a celebration of love and we are all there to support.  That being said there are many different people attending such as grandparents, parents, children and friends and this is something that we should all be mindful of when getting dressed.  This is a couples special day who have put a tremendous amount of work into creating a beautiful party for everyone to enjoy so step it up and let's get dressed up!!  I love an occasion to get fancy.  Fancy not trashy.  Let's be respectful and leave that sexy outfit for another time... please.  I've seen this before and it's not a good look for a wedding and it makes some people feel uncomfortable.  Follow my steps below for getting dressed for a wedding and you will be just fine!

Now that you've got a bit of virtual inspiration let's see what I pulled out of my closet as a potential wedding look.  

Photographer / Tania Martinez

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