October 21, 2013

Outfit of the day / Heavy Metal

Can you tell I'm obsessed with chunky, gold, metal accessories yet?  If not then keep scrolling!
The very first time I came across an image with a metal belt like this one I fell instantly in love.  It took a while, like at least a year, before I found the perfect one for me and the best part is that it's made by a Canadian company, Brave Leather.  Now that it's in my possession I seriously want to wear it with EVERYTHING.  It's officially my new 'it' accessory.  Think about it, this outfit would not be anywhere near as sexy as it is without the belt #fact.  
Aside from the belt is my new Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch that I nearly died over when I saw it.  This overwhelming feeling of love, adoration and need is what I call being 'trend struck'.  Leather is my favourite to wear for fall, but what I'm especially intrigued by this year is texture.  The sleek lines are what make this clutch so eye-catching and what also made it such a great complement to the faux-leather skirt. 
Photographer / Tania Martinez


  1. Leather & gold are awesome , with result that if you combine these two , you get an AMAZING look! xx

  2. Today I'm wearing black & gold as well and I have to admit s so gorgeous together!

  3. I love your outfit!

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