June 06, 2013

WHAT2WEAR / Outdoor Music Festivals

Warm weather is here and that means so are outdoor music festivals!  I love live music whether it's an actual band or a DJ spinning tracks-it's like a natural high when your listening to what you love.  So let's figure out what to wear for this thing!  Music festivals can last for days, attract tens of thousands of people and the whole reason it's outdoor is because it's HOT outside.  With a long day ahead choose something that's casual, relaxed and light weight.  A music festival is not the place to feel uncomfortable in your clothes or your shoes.  Yes ladies, I know you have a pair of really cute wedges that you think would be perfect but reality check-it's not a good idea.  The point is to listen to some great tunes, enjoy your time with good friends so leave your sexy little 'notice-me' outfit for the next time you're out on the town!
See below for a little inspiration on how you could dress for such an event that is both practical and still very cute!
How was that for a little inspiration?  Need some more?  I went through my closet and decided to put something together that was outdoor music festival appropriate and this is what I came up with.
What would you wear to such an event?


  1. Great outfit and great tips! I really wish I was going to a summer festival this year!

  2. Yes that's the perfect festival look! and u look great!

  3. Thanks for the post

  4. You look so gorgeous!
    Love those Prada sunnies - I have them too! Great minds :)

    Love the post!

    xo Ally

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  6. really cool post and outfit xx