June 22, 2013

Fashion Challenge / Small Town Edition

It's that time again where I prove to you that there are fab finds out there that don't break the bank.  Like literally though, you could rob a child's piggy bank and probably pay for this outfit and still have change leftover for them not to notice (not that that would be nice)!  If you haven't been following along just click on the segments tab above to get up to speed on what my fashion challenges are all about and check out previous posts here and here.  
So let's get to it shall we ladies?  Below you will see that I was able to style my entire look from head-to-toe from Value Village, duh!  I love the variety, you almost feel like a pirate looking through other peoples treasures.  Ok, well anyway that's how I feel! Awkward?  It's very important to walk in with an open mind and allow the creativity to seep in.  This is what allows the magic to happen!  So check it out for yourself!
So if you did the math you would have thought this outfit was $36.91, right? WRONG!  Good 'ol VV has a special stamp program and since my card was full I got 30% off!  WHAAAAAAAAT?  Yep, this entire look cost me $25.84 I dare you to try and beat that!  But really though if you did I would want to know.  I would give you mad props!
Here's a little rundown of what I scored.  The tank is just one of those fruit of the looms which I genuinely wear anyway.  The blazer is a bit big but I don't mind for five bucks.  The shorts were actually a pair of jeans and omg I loved them!  The intention was always to cut them but for some reason I just liked the way they fit.  They possibly could have been my favourite boyfriend jeans but since  they were Hayes I feel like I'll find another pair in the future and they couldn't have turned out more perfect as the high-waisted denim shorts I was looking for.  You can see me wearing them here in New York the other weekend.  I was super happy with the jewellery I scored.  I wear the bracelets all the time and the necklace you would have seen in my previous WHAT2WEAR post here.  Then I stumbled upon this mint condition briefcase.  Think it's silly if you want but I actually love it and my iPad fits inside perfectly!!  The cool part that really came together with this look were the shoes and belt.  Oxblood was a favourite colour of mine over the winter months so I was drawn to the shoes immediately.  Aside from the colour they are simply super cute loafers that I can wear with so much!  The fact that I found the belt to match perfectly still blows my mind.  The bit of colour was a nice touch to the outfit and also tied in well with the accessories.  I actually wore the belt yesterday for the first time, check it out here.

So that's it!  What do you think, would you wear a similar look? 


  1. nice jacket '@!!

    i invite to me too

  2. You nailed it Marla! Just adore the idea of the post! And also looking so cool! Kisses dear! xo

  3. Hey,
    great outfit. Your shoes look amazing! :)

  4. Hi, challenges succeeded ,so cute this outfit.

  5. Great outfit! You look amazing!
    I love your shoes :)

  6. Gorgeous blazer!