May 27, 2013

Outfit of the day / Armed in Neon

I'm so excited about a jewelry line I stumbled upon recently at one of my favourite accessory stores here in Toronto called Love of Mine.  One collection really caught my eye and when I got home to look it up I was so excited to see it was a local Canadian designer.  The jewelry line is called ARMED and I can't stop thinking about it.  Basically if I had a line this is what I would want my pieces to look like I love it so much!!  Last week I was fortunate enough to meet with the designer herself, Desiree Girlato, to have a chat and play dress up with all her creations.  By the end of my visit I ended up with the stunner of a necklace worn in this outfit post and I assure you it won't be the last time you see me accessorized in ARMED.  An organic relationship flourished and an exciting collaboration is in the works that I can't wait to share with you as it progresses!

May 19, 2013

My spring/summer wish list in pictures

This summer I'm in need of some new denim shorts.  I'm thinking of going a bit high-waisted.  Can I just have these ones, they are perfect / Source
I've had this picture on my Pinterest page for a while because I love the look of a vibrant colour paired with something more neutral.  Finding the perfect pleated skirt won't be easy as it's not totally in my comfort zone / Source
One day Mara - one day!  Bathing suits are definitely a weak spot for me and Mara Hoffman's have always caught my eye.  She captures the perfect prints and colours. It's difficult NOT to be mesmerized by her work / Source
Am I ever addicted to lipstick right now - especially bright lips like these!  Vibrant colours are going to be my accessory of the season / Source
I'm so obsessed with these colourful mirrored sunnies.  I already bought a pair of Ray-Bans with red lenses in them but now I want them in whatever other colours I can get my hands on / Source
I've finally accepted the camo print for those of you who haven't seen my recent outfit post.  I'm looking for a great pair of camouflage leggings pretty much exactly like these / Source
There's no denying I'm loving monochrome right now and with stripes already being a season classic there's no wonder why I want to get my hands on a striped dress.  I'm pretty obsessed with this one because of it's interesting cut up top, it looks so slimming / Source
I love the look of these racer front tanks but I can't find them anywhere!!!  Wish me luck because I want plenty / Source
A basic black baseball cap.  Yep, I'm totally on board with this I think it looks hot on girls so I want in. I don't think personally I'm into the leather caps like this one but I think this girl looks pretty dope in it / Source
Ya, ya, ya I know everyone has it and I still want it!  I just love the look of these graphic tees and how versatile they are to style / Source
I've seriously put off buying sandals for far too long because most are hanging on by a thread.  Luckily I came across these Sam Edelman's and I love them!  They come in so many different colour variations that I'm for sure getting at least three pairs / Source
OMG, the stripe takes me back to grade school.  I have visions of these wide leg jeans that had a black and white stripe down the side that I lived in!! When the stripe came back this season I was loving it instantly.  Totally into monochrome I have to have these tuxedo pants that are white with the black stripe they are just so chic looking / Source

If you could have any bag what bag would it be?  Well this Celine bag is one I dream of just about every night so this will always be on my wish list until I get it / Source


May 15, 2013

It's a trend thing / Black and White Monochrome

1. Balenciaga / 2. DKNY / 3. DKNY / 4. Lanvin

1. Obsessed with this look that was captured on the streets at Paris Fashion Week {source} / 2. This blogger has monochrome styled simple and perfect {source} / 3. There was something about this look that really caught my eye {source} / 4. Leave it to the Olsen twins to look awesome and matching in monochrome {source}

Is anyone else going crazy over the huge black and white monochrome trend right now?  I find it interesting because when spring and summer hits I love to wear colour, especially with pastels and mega brights trending.  As much as colour will remain popular this season it's still in major competition with black and white and I seriously can't get enough of it.  Let's be serious, anyone can rock this trend and I bet you can come up with something that's already in your existing wardrobe.  A lot of the images in this post depict the trend worn as separates, basically colour blocking with black and white, but that's not your only option on how to wear it.  If you like to wear prints you have so many to choose from.  Stripes will never go out of style and checkers are hot this season, although not for everyone, or go geometric!  Going monochrome is amazing because you really do have freedom on how you wear it. The street style images above are a great example of this.  Similar to the first image you could wear white denim with a sweater to be super casual or if you are meetings friends for drinks you could add a bit of edge like in image two where she has chosen leather detailed leggings or finally in image three make it a little dressy for a special event.  Think about the occasion and dress accordingly sticking to separates, adding prints or mixing both.  You can't really go wrong with how you wear this trend!

May 10, 2013

Fashion Challenge / East Coast VS West Coast

Welcome to the East Coast VS West Coast Fashion Challenge.  Here's the scoop - myself and Ally, blogger behind Gumboot Glam, decided to combine our style forces and come up with a fun collaboration since we are both fans of one another (and fellow Canadians).  We decided to choose a current fashion trend to style in our own way then swap pictures to see what we would each come up with.  Basically we were curious to see how an east coaster like myself would wear a trend compared to a west coaster like Ally!  We decided to pick the black and white trend that is MASSIVE right now and as you can see from the results we ended up with similar looks that were totally unplanned!!  I must admit that since following Ally's blog and getting familiar with her style she really did surprise me with what her final product was.  Surprised, yes! Disappointed, absolutely not!!  We totally complemented one another with each of our looks and I LOVED the results!  Looks like we both dig stripes when it comes to wearing black and white!
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"Jumping on board with the black and white trend is a lot of fun because you really have a lot of flexibility on how to wear it depending on your style and what the occasion is.  For this style challenge I chose to make a statement by incorporating a bold print.  I decided to keep the main pieces all black and make a punch with this striped draped jacket and add a pair of black and white pumps that complemented the look beautifully.   With the impact of the jacket I kept the accessories minimal and just added a simple dainty necklace.   The final touches to complete my look was adding a bright red lip and red nails since this trend lacks colour." - Marla

Check out the super stylish and beautiful, Ally Soeker, at her blog Gumboot Glam and follow her: