April 11, 2013

Fashion Challenge #2

While I was back home for Easter weekend I decided to take on another fashion challenge (you can see the first one here).  I decided to take on this task for two reasons: prove that you can look great without having to spend a lot of money and also to inspire others in small towns, like I grew up in, who are limited by shopping options to not let this mean you must forgo style, but just that you might have to get a little bit creative.  
When I was back home my sister and I were driving through our mostly vacant downtown and we passed a couple of girls walking.  It was noticing what these girls were wearing that struck a conversation.  Basically we agreed that no matter how much time had passed, what year it was, style seemed to remain the same in Pembroke even from when we both went to high school about 15 years ago.  Smaller towns definitely lack variety when it comes to fashion which is mainly because there are very few stores to even shop at and within those stores they don't dare to push the envelope when it comes to style.  End of the day these stores need to sell and keeping it safe is a sure bet.  This in turn has many comfortable with sticking to just the basics and also finding it difficult to get a bit more original with what they are wearing (this was totally me in high school).  These days however I feel there is no excuse for lack of creativity with tools like magazines, blogs, pinterest, etc.  Having basics are crucial to any wardrobe so since small towns have this part covered it's all about piecing it together from there.  If you have a Value Village in your small town I highly recommend that you go there.  Not only will you get pieces super cheap but you have a variety bigger than any other store in your town.  People will throw anything away and trends always come back so you really have no idea what you will come across but I am positive you can find something to incorporate into a look you are already putting together to spice it up!

Enough about my views let's get to the small town fashion challenge results!!  

What a score with this dress!!  This is such a beautiful spring look that easily people in the big city would spend well over $150 for!  The colour is fabulous and I love how the slip ends just above the knee so you can see through the remaining bottom half.  Since this dress is a bit big for me I simply belted it and made it a bit more trendy by adding a leopard scarf and a fun bracelet.  Aside from the shoes that I already owned the cost for this outfit was $19.96

This next outfit I see being worn on your way to the beach.  I was immediately drawn to these high-waisted cream shorts, that I also ended up getting in bright red, and the colour of this one piece bathing suit.  By adding the necklace and the belt this look appears more like a daytime summer outfit yet super easy to switch over into beach mode by removing the shorts and jewelry.  Aside from the sandals and belt this outfit cost $11.97.

So there you have it - two great outfits for a total of $31.93.  
If your up for the challenge I'd love to see what you could come up with on a budget.  Email me at and I'll post it on my Facebook page!!  

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  1. Wow you really mastered these challenges! You look fabulous in both outfits and I can't believe how little it all cost you! Great job! I'm impressed

  2. Love this idea! You came up with great looks! Thanks for sharing!

    Xo, Amanda

  3. a fun and interesting post. outfit no.2 is my favorite, I can't say no to berry colours! x

  4. Great outfits! Beautiful photos! I love outfit # 1

    Thank you for your comments on my blog!

    I follow you in GFC and Bloglovin back.

    Best wishes,

  5. Both looks are fantastic and let me say that you really look fab! Kisses Marla! xo

  6. That is some awesome post.
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  7. what a great post! youre a master budget shopper ;)

    much love from NYC

  8. Hello dear, nice blog, great style. I following you now. :) Hope you follow me back...(?!) :)

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  9. nice outfits - perfect <3 great blog Dear - would you like to follow each other just let me know I wait for you on my blog xo xo xo

  10. Outfit 2 is gorgeous!!! U look amazing :)

  11. that first outfit is gorgeous

  12. Love the outfits but the 2nd is my favourite! We are following you on gfc, wanna follow each other on facebook and bloglovin? Let us know! We always follow back Kisses! ♥