April 29, 2013

What a Nice Complement / Polka Dots and Stripes

Usually I talk about two colours that complement each other well but when I came across this polka dot stripe combo I had to share it!  Bold prints are super popular right now and wearing a mash-up of prints is also becoming very trendy if you haven't already been trying it.  Aside from all of that black and white is hotter than ever right now so there is no better time than now to rock this look!!  I understand this is very bold and may intimidate a few of you but if you like it try wearing a stripe button up blouse underneath a polka dot sweater.  Allow the stripes to peek out at the sleeves and at the collar and voila! Check out below how you could take this look from day to night.
Tip:  A punch of colour somewhere is highly recommended.

April 25, 2013

Favourite online shopping finds

1. Loving this periwinkle colour for summer / Rebecca Minkoff, eLUXE
2. Black and white chevron print AND a gold heel - in love / Nicholas Kirkwood, Net-A-Porter
3. Jumpsuits are hot, especially this one / Nasty Gal
4. Everyone needs a bathing suit cover up and this one has my name written all over it / Theodora & Callum, Revolve Clothing
5. I'm addicted to great statement necklaces and I didn't mind the price tag on this one at all / Adia Kibur, SHOPBOP
6. Bathing suit season is just around the corner and this is one is to die for / Carine Gilson, NET-A-PORTER
7. Umm, hello?  Perfect summer/ beach tote anyone / Nasty Gal
8. I'm not normally into big headphones but these rocked my socks off when I saw them / Frends, NORDSTROM


April 23, 2013

Change Room Diaries

The image below was captured in the change rooms of Bicyclette
 How adorable is this fit and flare dress by Sugar Lips?  I was so pleased when I felt how soft and great the quality of the fabric was.  This dress is so amazing on so many levels.  For starters it's such a classic because of it's cream colour with the navy blue trim.  It's also very pretty with the eye-catching, intricate embroidery and yet it's still slightly trendy with the subtle neon pink detailing.  
Outdoor events anyone?  This is your dress!

The image below was captured in the change rooms of The Bay
So something on my spring/summer wish list this year is a pleated skirt.  I have this vision of a bright coloured pleated maxi however I reaaaaally fell in love with this on by DVF.  Let's be honest you can't really go wrong with black and surprisingly the length didn't bother me even though it's a bit longer than what I would normal wear.  I think it's clear if you know me that the leather band at the waist is what really drew me in to this skirt however quality was the other.  I looked at a few pleated skirts on this day and I didn't realize how bad some could be.  Some pleats were losing folds near the bottom and others you could tell that after sitting in the skirt for a couple hours you would probably lose all detailing.  This skirt really was beautiful and worth the $400 price tag (that I couldn't afford).

The images below were captured in the change rooms of Club Monaco
This whole mod trend that's resurfaced really has me hooked.  Let's agree that stripes are always on trend for spring/summer but these black and white wide stripes are a whole lot of fun!  This dress is all sorts of flattering too.  By repositioning the stripes along the sides you get the illusion of a much slimmer frame and who doesn't love that???  If you're looking to spruce up your daytime work look then rock this dress and throw a blazer over top if you must!

Oh ya!  The stripe is back folks!  This had me laughing to myself because all I could think about was a pair of wide leg jeans that I was obsessed with back in elementary school that had a thick black and white stripe down the side!  Yep, just another blast from the past that I thought would never return and now that it has I already own two pairs of trousers with the stripe!  I've mentioned before that some trends take me a while to warm up to and seeing as how this was one that had me cringe I'm shocked I was so quick to jump on board!  
PS. Check out what a creep my pup is.  He was on guard the entire time I was playing dress up.

 The image below was captured in the change rooms of Zara
Uhhhhh this blouse is so pretty! The exaggerated ruffle sleeves are so adorable that it would be such a show stopper at any outing.  If my stomach was a bit more toned I would rock this baring my midriff however I also think it would look beautiful paired with a high waisted skirt or even worn over another top to give it a two-toned look.  Whatever way you wear it you will be looking angelic!

The image below was captured in the change rooms of Armani Exchange
The final look is this little black and white cropped jacket.  OMG black and white is all the rage right now!  Are you not seeing it EVERYWHERE like me?  I'm finding it difficult to resist... not that I want to.  Since I'm a huge fan of colour blocking I really love how they engineered this jacket - I think it's perfect right down to the fit.  I wouldn't style this jacket with the shirt under it like I have in this photo, instead the jacket would be the shirt since it's so form fitting.  Because of it's sleekness I would complete the look with a black pair of tight leggings - HOT!

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April 16, 2013

Mini Trend Report / Embellished Sunnies

Inspired by all the style at Coachella this past weekend I've decided to feature the growing trend of embellished sunnies.  Some are pretty out there yes but with outdoor music festivals on the horizon it's the perfect place to be experimenting with them!  Summertime is a playful time of year and when it comes to kicking back at the cottage or hanging out on the beach we change into our casual attire but being girls we still like to keep it "cute".  So if it's wearing floral print, floral crowns or floral sunglasses there is no way you won't look adorable and be a great complement to the sunny summer season.

If you're into this trend you can find a few options below on where to get your hands on them.

OR if you're into taking on a good art and craft then this one is such an easy and fun one to do!!  Making your own floral embellished sunglasses is totally worth it because you have the control of first selecting a pair of sunglasses that best suits your face and that's not always an easy task in my opinion.  You also have the control of what you are decorating the sunglasses with.  It's up to you to choose the colours, placement, type of flowers or even add in other non-floral bits like jewels and pearls!
To get steps on how to make your own embellished sunnies check out Emily's DIY over at Cupcakes and Cashmere by clicking here.
If you've made your own I would love to see them!

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April 11, 2013

Fashion Challenge #2

While I was back home for Easter weekend I decided to take on another fashion challenge (you can see the first one here).  I decided to take on this task for two reasons: prove that you can look great without having to spend a lot of money and also to inspire others in small towns, like I grew up in, who are limited by shopping options to not let this mean you must forgo style, but just that you might have to get a little bit creative.  
When I was back home my sister and I were driving through our mostly vacant downtown and we passed a couple of girls walking.  It was noticing what these girls were wearing that struck a conversation.  Basically we agreed that no matter how much time had passed, what year it was, style seemed to remain the same in Pembroke even from when we both went to high school about 15 years ago.  Smaller towns definitely lack variety when it comes to fashion which is mainly because there are very few stores to even shop at and within those stores they don't dare to push the envelope when it comes to style.  End of the day these stores need to sell and keeping it safe is a sure bet.  This in turn has many comfortable with sticking to just the basics and also finding it difficult to get a bit more original with what they are wearing (this was totally me in high school).  These days however I feel there is no excuse for lack of creativity with tools like magazines, blogs, pinterest, etc.  Having basics are crucial to any wardrobe so since small towns have this part covered it's all about piecing it together from there.  If you have a Value Village in your small town I highly recommend that you go there.  Not only will you get pieces super cheap but you have a variety bigger than any other store in your town.  People will throw anything away and trends always come back so you really have no idea what you will come across but I am positive you can find something to incorporate into a look you are already putting together to spice it up!

Enough about my views let's get to the small town fashion challenge results!!  

What a score with this dress!!  This is such a beautiful spring look that easily people in the big city would spend well over $150 for!  The colour is fabulous and I love how the slip ends just above the knee so you can see through the remaining bottom half.  Since this dress is a bit big for me I simply belted it and made it a bit more trendy by adding a leopard scarf and a fun bracelet.  Aside from the shoes that I already owned the cost for this outfit was $19.96

This next outfit I see being worn on your way to the beach.  I was immediately drawn to these high-waisted cream shorts, that I also ended up getting in bright red, and the colour of this one piece bathing suit.  By adding the necklace and the belt this look appears more like a daytime summer outfit yet super easy to switch over into beach mode by removing the shorts and jewelry.  Aside from the sandals and belt this outfit cost $11.97.

So there you have it - two great outfits for a total of $31.93.  
If your up for the challenge I'd love to see what you could come up with on a budget.  Email me at and I'll post it on my Facebook page!!  

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April 08, 2013

Pardon my print

I'm obsessed with this new trending checker print!! Of course we have always been aware of checkers but like many other trends from the past they get a little more modernized when they reappear on the fashion scene.  When we think of checkers it's pretty obvious that we immediately picture the print in black and white where now the checker print is popping up in other colours - or even several colours!  Louis Vuitton's SS 2013 show was incredible as checkered outfits came down the escalator in different colours and size variations.  Many celebrities have already been rocking the print on the red carpet and looking fabulous however the unfortunate part for me is that there isn't a whole lot of it in stores yet!!  How I love this print most is in bigger sized blocks, checkers infused with a print, like the floral MSGM pieces below, or checkers in the same colour but balanced with sheer blocks like the pixie dress below in white.
So what are your thoughts on this bold print?

Jessica Alba on the Red Carpet /source/
Miroslava Duma at couture fashion week /source/
Caitlin of A Little Dash of Darling (Amazing style blog) /source/
Taryn Multack of Miss Lady Finger /source/

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April 01, 2013

Outfit of the day

Drawn in by the colour I had to have this ultra soft feathered vest.  Ever since falling in love with oxblood this past season I've always felt that it's true match made in heaven was leather.  The deep red is quite vampy so keeping the look edgy with these faux leather shorts was a no brainer.  I kept the undershirt light in order for the detail of the feathers to stand out and added complementing bits of accessories to polish off the look.  Adding a bold lip with neutral make-up has been a trend I've hopped on this season and look forward to continuing.  Buying a new lipstick can really make my day!

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