March 28, 2013


With all the fashion week buzz going around over the past two months I've decided to help give you idea's on something you could wear to such an event.  Below you can find the process in which I take to get ready for events that require more effort than my everyday look.  Fashion week encourages you to be a little more fearless with what you can wear since many of the most stylish and eccentric will be floating around.  Keep in mind your style.  Although you can push your limits be sure to maintain YOU.  I would recommend wearing something that is currently trending, something that will get you noticed (in a good way) and being polished from head-to-toe because everyone is people watching and street style snapping.  So enjoy my little piece of inspiration to help you decide 'what to wear'.

Follow along with Trend Struck.  Each place is a different treat...


  1. Nice pictures!:) Have a great Easter!:)


  2. Great tips! Will be taking up on those in preparation for Australian Fashion Week :) Thank you