February 20, 2013

It's a trend thing {Velvet}

1) Burberry.  2) Balmain.  3) Lanvin.

1 Asos.  2 Valentino.   3 AWear.  4 Ted Baker.  5 Romwe.  6 Chicnova.  7 Mango.  8 Jill Stuart.  9 Asos.  10 Juicy Couture.  11 Lipsy.


I find it funny that I'm lusting over velvet lately because about three years ago I clearly remember thinking to myself how velvet was something I could never see coming back in style... and if it did there was no way I would conform.  With a little passing time my acceptance eventually grew and now I'm more inspired than ever to add velvet to my closet.  I mean really you're just adding texture to your outfit!  Hopefully the images that I've rounded up for you above will help with some style-spiration

 If you thought velvet was more evening wear because of it's dressy appeal then let's observe how in fact it is easy to transition from day to night.  The first street style image above is a velvet maxi skirt but it's toned down with a black sweater making it casual enough to wear during the day.  Keeping the entire look dark made the velvet more subtle where if she would have worn a lighter colour the impact would have been greater.  This is great to keep in mind if you are just introducing velvet to your everyday look and need to ease into it.  Now take a look at the very last image of Nicole Richie taking velvet into the evening with perfection!  Simply adding a dressy blouse with a fresh pair of heels has now turned you into an evening classic.  
I also really love the images of the wide leg trousers along with wine coloured blazer for day time.  The trousers are taken to a super casual place being worn with a simple white tank and yet the look is still so incredible.  For more business casual by day opt for the velvet blazer to complete your attire without feeling like you are being too fashion forward for the office.  Now add these two together and here you have your evening look.  Check out Elizabeth Olsen above where she's wearing a matching red velvet suit and no that's not too much velvet for one outfit.  That girl's got serious style here! 
 The final point I'm going to touch on is velvet vs crushed velvet that we are seeing a lot more of.  If you are aiming to look more trendy then crushed velvet would be a better choice for you like the dress Vanessa Hudgens is wearing above.  If your style is more classic stick to a velvet dress like the simple one Nicole Richie is wearing (with a rad jacket that made this whole look).  
What velvet pieces have you been wearing this season?

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  1. Velvet is hands down my best fabric. I'm just so in love with it!

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  3. absolutely love the lipsy dress! i've been trying to wear my velvet blazer out and this post just pushes me to more!

  4. I love the blue dress in the second photo!

  5. This is a fabulous post, your content is truly amazing.
    I'll definitely be rocking this trend out for the upcoming autumn/winter.