December 29, 2013


Christmas holidays mean hoping on a flight to Florida for me!  Thankfully my parents dislike the cold just as much as I do so they bought a house in Florida where they keep warm while the rest of us suffer through the Canadian winter.  Luckily I get to benefit from their wise choice as each year I make my way over for the holidays and take in as much sunshine as I possibly can!  Being surrounded my palms trees and many different exotic plants I decided to play a bit of dress-up and have my sister capture some style in our fun surroundings.  Check out three looks that I pulled together from my lightly packed suitcase.  
Ps. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday this year xx

            LOOK ONE
            Hat, Target / Tank, Club Monaco / Sweater, 89th & Madison / Necklace, Armed / Shorts, Citizens 
            of Humanity / Boots, Jeffrey Campbell /

            LOOK TWO
            Hat, Lids / Tank, Nasty Gal / Skirt, Talula /

            LOOK THREE
            Sunglasses, Retrosuperfuture / Tank, Urban Outfitters / Jeans, Gestuz / Sandals, Browns

December 12, 2013

Manitobah Mukluks

Last month I was invited by Lotus Leaf Communications to participate in a street style shoot with Refinery29 photographer, Jenna Marie Wakani, and Manitobah Mukluks.  Myself along with other bloggers were asked to style an outfit or two around what we chose for our feet.  Although Manitobah makes some super warm mukluks that would no doubt keep your feet warm during our cold, miserable Canadian winter I chose to go with an adorable pair of moccasins instead.  These grey little guys are so comfortable and have a durable sole so you can take them out to the streets, which is exactly what I plan on all the time.  They will be my everyday shoe as soon as the cold disappears!  
If you love these little moccasins as much as I do you can visit the Manitobah website and purchase them here.

December 04, 2013

Outfit of the Day / Sportin' Print

As soon as I saw the black baseball hats come down the runway at the Hervé Léger RTW fall/winter 2013 show I felt the need to immediately get one!  I love hats in general so with sportswear becoming popular I knew this would be one simple way to mix my style and the trend (I'm also loving bomber jackets).  In the summer I was wearing my hat with a lot of basic casual looks, usually short shorts, but for fall I  knew I had to shake things up.  Leather is found usually somewhere in my everyday look right now so I decided to winterize my leather shorts with tights and add this sweater with a super funky take on leopard print.
So what about you.  If you're into the sportswear trend how are you wearing it?
Photographer / Tania Martinez

November 28, 2013

Three Way Tie / Boyfriend Jeans

If you're not into boyfriend jeans it's probably because you haven't found the right pair for you yet.  I didn't get the whole slouchy denim trend at first either.  That is until I raided my sisters closet and fell in love with the pair I'm styling below.  I became instantly obsessed and wore them just about every other day for two months.  So check out three ways that I have been wearing mine and let me know how you have been styling yours!

The laid-back hipster look.  I don't know what's gotten into me but there's an inner hipster (that I didn't know was even inside me) coming out full force lately.  My style is very versatile and depends a lot on my mood in addition to the obvious, what I'm getting dressed for.  Plaid isn't something I have ever embraced in my 28 years but since the 90's grunge is back I decided to welcome the print somehow into my style.  I wasn't liking the print near my face so decided the heck with it and rocked it as an accessory by tying it around my waist.  It was an easy decision to wear my boyfriend jeans with this look since the style is relaxed.
Ps. I contribute to Fashion Magazine on their style panel and the topic one week was on plaid which is what this look was originally styled for.  You can check out my blurb here.

The casual Friday work look.  Obviously everyone's workplace is different, but you better believe when I worked corporate I pushed the envelope as much as I possibly could.  Perhaps that's why my co-worker/friend made me start blogging about my style.  Anyway who cares.  Yes I'm wearing boyfriend jeans with rips in them but I made sure to pair it with a blouse, blazer and heels.  I think it's totally causal professional approved (minus my side boob. I'll tuck those away next time I wear this top #oops).

The refined casual look.  I know you recently saw this outfit post but in it I'm wearing the same boyfriend jeans and it's a totally different way of styling them from the previous two looks.  Something about a sexy pump paired with denim gets me lusting.  The look I'm talking about is casual but clean and well planned out.  It looks effortless and so damn good.  All this said, of course I was going to have a look that paired my boyfriend jeans with these hot heels.  To keep things hot why would I not pair everything with my basic tee that says give in to me? 

Photographer / Tania Martinez

November 25, 2013

Outfit of the Day / Fur Baby

Meet the love of my life and the most handsome accessory you could have, Foxy.  This little guy accompanies me on many of my shopping trips.  As long as he is with me he is as cool as a cucumber, until we see another dog then he turns into a devil child.  He usually makes himself comfy in my Louis tote and when I'm in the change room I simply hang him on a hook - no joke.  Anyway, I love my winter whites and creams when it gets cold out so with this outfit he was kind of a perfect complement to add as an accessory. Aside from my dog, I love my Louis Vuitton loafers that I got last Christmas.  I haven't busted them out for a post yet so ta-da!  You can also lift up the flap so they turn into high tops.  Pretty dope.
Photographer: Tania Martinez

November 21, 2013

It's A Trend Thing / Playful Tees

Right now I'm loving these parody tees.  When choosing to leave the house in your basics why not make things interesting with a bit of humour?  First I was seeing Céline tees everywhere and those led to tees saying Féline or Célfie and soon enough more and more were popping up on the scene.  I was shopping in JacFlash when I crossed paths with this 'giveintome' tee (take on Givenchy) and I felt like it was actually speaking to me.  I do get a kick out of these so I listened to the shirt and gave into it and brought it home with me.  I'm sure this won't be the last time you will see me in a cheeky tee, or tuque, like this.  What are you thoughts on this trend?  Yay or nay?
Photographer: Tania Martinez

November 18, 2013

Outfit of the Day / Spotted Feline

While shopping around for some new sweaters to add to my fall wardrobe I stumbled upon this one that is purr-fection.  Leopard print is acceptable to wear anytime of year, it's just finding the season specific piece that can change.  I have a pair of leopard print pants and a tank that I wear more in the warmer months so adding this sweater to the collection was, in my opinion, needed.  What caught my attention was how different the print was.  In fact the spots pop out from the sweater a bit creating fun texture.  I knew immediately I wanted to pair the sweater up with my faux-leather leggings to pick up on the subtle cinnamon colour in the sweater.  Since the leggings are hip huggers and the sweater barely meets the bottoms I decided to create more length by adding a sheer button-up blouse and popping out the collar.
This look is a whole lot of fun!
Photographer: Tania Martinez