November 26, 2012

Change room diaries

The images below were captured in the change rooms of Garage
Here is what I have learned recently: I have so many pants/leggings and not enough tops/sweaters.  I keep finding myself being easily attracted to funky leggings which I may add are easiest to wear with winter booties!  These shiny guys are amazing.  Although they may remind you of skiers who are super hard core about their sport they can also be worn for those of us who are more adventurous with our fashion sense.  Don't be shy!  Plus, dual purpose people!  I may wear these on the streets but I also enjoy the slopes and it looks like I know what my get-up will consist of when that time comes!
The images below were captured in the change rooms of Gap
More sweaters - get used to it!  I hate the cold and plan on living in a sweater pretty much everyday so I say you can never have too many!  I love this one because of the large stripes.  Stripes will always remain classic no matter the season.  I really love cream and black together as well.  Perfect casual sweater in a good length that keeps that tush a layer warmer for winter.
The images below were captured in the change rooms of H&M
Orange and pink are one of my favourite colour combos for some reason and that is clearly what drew me to this sweater.  I love this sweater because of the potential of how I see it being worn.  Because it's shorter in length it would look great with a collared blouse underneath or since collared accessories are super hot right now finding one that works well with this sweater will polish it off.  Unless of course you prefer simplicity in which this sweater looks great on it's own. 
The images below were captured in the change rooms of Club Monaco
I love Club - yes we are on a first name basis.  The thing is each season a lot of their clothing changes ever so slightly from the previous season so sometimes we take a break from each other so that we get excited for our next reunion.  And that is exactly how my recent shopping trip went!  If I could I would have bought the entire store - actually I tried to.  Here's my confession to you:  I spent an hour and a half at the mall last week and within the final hour I actually went back three times to do three separate purchases because I felt I was going to regret walking away from a few things.  The worst part is, after all that I even went back 3 days later to do a fourth purchase!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME SOMETIMES!!  Merry Christmas to me I guess?  Anyway I'm not giving away everything I bought on these multiple visits, instead you can wait for outfit posts!!  Side note: I apologize for the lack of outfit posts but it is just so cold outside.
Back on task!  Below are a bunch of sweaters that differ in colour and style.  Some are best for the office, others are great for casual days especially the one with leather sleeves (love) and finally there is a poncho that is perfect for those days you just want to be bundled up in a {fashionable} blanket.  A poncho is definitely going on my wish list this year.  I'm not sure why I don't have one yet since I love them so much!
Visit my Facebook page tomorrow for the reveal of what came home with me from this weeks change room diaries.  


  1. beautiful sweaters

  2. i like the burgundy sweater!

  3. Great post! :D

    xo - Britt

  4. Great picks!
    I have that Club Monaco sweater too!! It looks so great on you :)
    xo Ally

  5. oooh so pretty! my faves are both striped tops! love!!! xO!

  6. I love that you are on a first name basis with "Club" as am I - my friends literally refer to it as my closet b/c I clearly purchase too many things from there. That said, I think my favourite pieces are the stripes both from Gap & Club..Stripes never go out of style and they will always remain classic.

    Unlike you I need to get myself some more pants as I have way too many tops...But I just can't help myself from getting more and more tops as they can layer over any pant/skirt/legging/etc...

    Look forward to the reveal and see what you went home with this time!

    xx - Vee

  7. Everything is so great! I like all of them on you! The trird one is my favourite :)

  8. fine pics; DDD

    i invite to me too

  9. Awesome pullovers! I love the peach one:) So fresh!

  10. Everything is so great ;)