July 21, 2012

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Club Monaco

Trend Struck : Kimono's are hot for summer
Searching for a kimono can be easy but searching for one that not only can be worn over a bathing suit at the beach as well as worn as a part of your outfit can be a bit more challenging.  If you feel this way let me introduce to you your solution.  A lot of kimono's that are common to come across are those in either an animal print or bright colours which is exactly what limits it's wear.  This one on the other hand is a winner because of it's neutral colours, subtle print and versatility of how it can be worn.  I have it tied up in the front but it also looks fabulous undone and worn over a tank.

Summer time means bringing out the whites in our closet. These little lace short shorts are adorable.  They kind of take me back to Louis Vuitton's SS 2012 show where we saw a lot of delicate white eyelet pieces.  I also love the front pockets.  With these shorts they totally work because of how well they blend even though they are different textures.  Being white these shorts can go with a lot, which also means they are super easy to be worn casually or dressed up (add a white blazer to dress it up and be on trend for this summer).

Obviously I gravitated toward yet another maxi skirt - I can never get enough.  And hey I don't have one in cream nor do I have one that is of this accordion style that I really like.  Being a shorty I was also very pleased to see how perfect the length was on me.

Trend Struck : Metallics are in for Fall
There are full on metallic pieces then there are these more subtle pieces that are easier to wear.  I'm really into the metallics and look forward to wearing them more come Fall.  I like how they take a relaxed look to one with a bit more flare.  I guess it makes this top perfect for those occasions that you aren't sure how casual or dressy it is.  

So what was your favourite look from this week's change room diaries?


  1. love those outfits! those mint jeans are adorable :)
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    thanks! xo

  2. Of course - checking it out now!

  3. such stunning pieces!

    XO Sahra

  4. This kimono is perfect!

    Daria from

  5. Whoa, LOVE what you found there! I so need to invest in some metallic pieces...
    Cute kimono too :)

    Trendy Teal

  6. Love those pants! Mint jeans are the best...they seriously make EVERYTHING look better! :)

    1. And such an easy wear! When I'm undecided they are my go-to pants for sure!

  7. Some gorgeous outfits! I really like them! I just followed you back..


  8. So pretty!

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    ox from NYC!


  9. waow.. thats great.. i like the kimono..