July 06, 2012

Change Room Diaries

Todays images were captured in the change rooms of Bicyclette

 This summer neon brights are popping up everywhere but with little pops you don't have to feel tacky wearing it.  This sleeveless blouse is a great example of just that!  The cream sheer blouse is something you are already probably comfortable wearing so with the addition of the bright coral trimming this look isn't too dramatic.  You can still feel comfortable being on trend and I would take this look straight to the workplace I think it's that appropriate!  I paired this blouse with a high waisted pair of jeggings to keep it casual plus I loved the wash of this denim.

 I was immediately drawn to these high waisted shorts by Something Else because of the detailing along the bottom.  Shorts lately are being taken to new levels and I love it.  These are so delicate yet playful that you can wear them dressed up for cocktails or dressed down for the park.  I paired these shorts with a vibrant minty/blue tank that I would recommend as a staple piece for this summer.  With a few colourful accessories this look would be perfected!

I'm not sure which to talk about first because I love both these pieces so much!  I love the bright coloured floral crop top it's sooooooo adorable and would go with pretty much anything!  It's soft because of the florals yet playful because of the vibrant colours and will look sexy because of how little it is with the bit of skin exposed.  And these shorts!  These itty bitty denim shorts I'm in love with!  I'm obsessed with the scalloped hemline, it's the only detailing that was needed to complete these shorts.  I would live in these all summer.

The final look is one heck of a statement.  First off this is the first time I have attempted the peplum look and I was so excited about it!  It was in the right spot on my hips and there wasn't too much flare, for me it was perfect!  And check out the detailing along the neck.  We have a plunging V yet covered up with beautiful crochet work.  The back is open with a silk tie at the top.  JUST - GORGEOUS.  So I saw this on the mannequin and looked for it on every rack but couldn't find it.  As I started trying on what I already had I couldn't stop thinking about it so I asked for the dress and it was the last one and thankfully in my size.  The best part is this dress was sitting in my wish list on, I didn't think I was going to be able to try it on in store.  What timing seeing as how it was the last in store and when I got home and checked NastyGal it was already sold out!!

So, what is it that you think came home with me from this weeks change room diaries?  Find out on Facebook tomorrow!!

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