July 30, 2012

Rustic Tribal

 Don't you just love when you look so well put together and yet it's a look that took so little time to actually do?  This dress is my go-to when I'm limited for time to get ready.  There is no extra time spent on determining what pieces will go together because it's just a dress and with a sock bun in my hair this look took a full 10 minutes to complete!  I actually got this dress on a whim two years ago because I was pressed for time to find something to wear for my sister-in-laws bachelorette party.  It's funny I love it more today then I did when I first got it!  I guess with tribal prints trending right now it's become more appealing!
Dress : BCBG  |  Shoes : BCBG  |  Sunglasses : Michael Kors  |  Clutch : Michael Kors  |  Earrings : Aldo  |  Bracelet : Stella & Dot  |  Watch : Michael Kors

All photos by Pj Stephen 

July 29, 2012

Gotta have it

A Denin Vest

I'm crushing on all things denim right now but one piece in particular is a denim vest.  I'm really loving how I'm seeing it styled on the streets and think it's time I get in on the trend.  However finding the right style to suit your body can turn out to be a difficult task.  I would start off by figuring out what kind of denim wash you are most comfortable wearing.  Then decide where you envision it sitting on your body. Do you want it to be a shorty? To sit on your hip area?  Or do you prefer more length?  This season we have been seeing a trend where the armholes have exaggerated fringe but maybe you prefer more polished and finished edges?  Regardless of fit, style and colour I'm loving denim vests because of how they can change the feeling of an outfit.  I adore the look most when worn with maxi's.  Sometimes you can't help but to feel a bit dressed up when wearing a dress/skirt when you are only out for a casual day and that is exactly how a denim vest can pull back that look to achieve still a polished but more relaxed look.  Have you been rocking a denim vest this season?  How do you like to wear it best?  Wish me luck on my hunt for the perfect denim vest for me.

(Left) Sarah Smith : Little Miss Bow Peep
(Right) Maddy : Po Mojej Stronie Lustra
(Left) Sazan Barzani : Spaz Magazine
(Right) Hedvig 

Side Note
I'm crushing on denim on denim.  Do you think it's too much or are you in agreement that it's pretty bada$$ when styled right?
Bebe Zeva : Fated to be Hated

July 27, 2012

What a nice complement...

Inspiration Source
Today's colour combination was inspired by Emily from the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. These colours together form such a fun feminine look. Whether you like it or not it captivates you. It made me question why I haven't tried it. I think we get scared when colours are similar to each other because we feel they might be too matchy matchy. However this example proves that sometimes it's quite a pleasant compliment!

July 26, 2012

Not so perfect chevron

I love boutique shopping and finding special pieces that aren't mass produced.  Having clothes that won't be seen worn by many others makes these pieces special.  In today's outfit my pants are those something special.  I recently discovered a store called Canon Blanc that was opened by a lovely couple from France - Paris to be more specific (LOVE).  It's a beautiful shop filled with fabulous special pieces and a refreshing addition to Toronto's Queen West.  I was on a hunt to find a great pair of pants with a fun print earlier this season and when I stumbled into this store I couldn't have been more excited to A) come across a great new store to shop at but B) to find exactly what I was looking for!  
Top : Wilfred  |  Belt : Club Monaco  |  Pants : By Zoé  |  Shoes : Pour La Victoire  |  Rings : Mel  |  Bracelets : Club Monaco, Tiffany & Co., H&M

All photos by Pj Stephen

July 25, 2012

Hot 25 List for Bathing Suits

Hello my sun kissed lovelies.  I'm sure you are all enjoying the hot summer sun as much as possible like myself!  But what bathing suits are you rocking this summer?  As much as I love a good classic bikini I am DROOLING over all the different fun prints that has overtaken the bikini stands!!  Like how do you even pick one over the other?!?!  As much as I'm hoarder over a lot of things fashion, bathing suits is most definitely on the top of my list where I have the least control!  What you sport to the beach all begins with the right bathing suit so enjoy this summers HOT 25 LIST of bathing suits I'm completely obsessing over!
Before I go I want to drop one piece of advice if you don't already know it.  Each year H&M blows my socks off with their bathing suits.  Yes!  You must plan it right though because when these suits hit the shelves they are already gone by ends day.  It's around March/April when they start to come out but over the course of 3 months they keep adding new designs.  Aside from their suits ACTUALLY being awesome THEY ARE DIRT CHEAP!  They sell their suits as separates and you can get each piece for as little as $7!!!!  Think of how many suits you can buy without feeling guilty!  I completely blame H&M for being the cause of my bathing suit hoarding - but I'm not mad about it!





July 22, 2012

New in the closet

Did I ever score at J.Crew earlier this week!  Summer sales are in full effect to make room for Fall merchandise and to serve as a dreadful reminder that summer is almost over.  I've hit up a good chunk of sales but the one at J. Crew actually blew my mind.  They had 50% off already reduced merchandise!  Now usually you expect that the first reduced price is only a slight price difference since you are getting it slashed in half again at the register but I was shocked that this wasn't the case.  So everything you see below I got for a grand total of $120.46!!  Yes - two pants, a maxi skirt, a belt, a t-shirt and a sweater!  Both the pants and the skirt were ticketed around $45 meaning they were about $25 each and the belt, tee and sweater I got each for $10!  I can't say I really needed any of it but would you pass up price tags as low as that?  Didn't think so!  Enjoy sale shopping lovelies!

July 21, 2012

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Club Monaco

Trend Struck : Kimono's are hot for summer
Searching for a kimono can be easy but searching for one that not only can be worn over a bathing suit at the beach as well as worn as a part of your outfit can be a bit more challenging.  If you feel this way let me introduce to you your solution.  A lot of kimono's that are common to come across are those in either an animal print or bright colours which is exactly what limits it's wear.  This one on the other hand is a winner because of it's neutral colours, subtle print and versatility of how it can be worn.  I have it tied up in the front but it also looks fabulous undone and worn over a tank.

Summer time means bringing out the whites in our closet. These little lace short shorts are adorable.  They kind of take me back to Louis Vuitton's SS 2012 show where we saw a lot of delicate white eyelet pieces.  I also love the front pockets.  With these shorts they totally work because of how well they blend even though they are different textures.  Being white these shorts can go with a lot, which also means they are super easy to be worn casually or dressed up (add a white blazer to dress it up and be on trend for this summer).

Obviously I gravitated toward yet another maxi skirt - I can never get enough.  And hey I don't have one in cream nor do I have one that is of this accordion style that I really like.  Being a shorty I was also very pleased to see how perfect the length was on me.

Trend Struck : Metallics are in for Fall
There are full on metallic pieces then there are these more subtle pieces that are easier to wear.  I'm really into the metallics and look forward to wearing them more come Fall.  I like how they take a relaxed look to one with a bit more flare.  I guess it makes this top perfect for those occasions that you aren't sure how casual or dressy it is.  

So what was your favourite look from this week's change room diaries?

July 20, 2012

It's a trend thing : Cut it Out

1. Etro : Source
2. Versace : Source
3/4. Prabal Gurung : Source

1-4  5-6  7-8 Urban Outfitters.

 (Left) Jennifer : Art in Our Blood
(Right) I Hate Blonde
(Left) Patricia Prieto : Paradigma
(Right) Kryz Uy : Thirsty Thought

My favourite cut-outs this season are those in the mid-section area on dresses in particular (if you didn't already catch that with all my picks above).  Cut-outs however are not just limited to that area, so decide where on your body you are most comfortable with exposing a bit of extra skin.  If the tummy area is a little out of your comfort zone don't sweat it!  Choose somewhere else like a long sleeve blouse with cut-outs on the shoulders,  or a cut-out on the chest with a high neck cut piece or stay covered up in the front all together and have the cut-out surprise in the back!  My final advice on this trend is although the cut-out is a sexy surprise, don't get carried away with it.  Too much is only asking for fashion slip ups.  Keeping your cut-outs more subtle leaves more to the imagination and keeps the trend tasteful.  What I mean is don't go for this go for this or this and you will remain on the best dressed list as opposed to the "what was she thinking" list.

July 15, 2012

Online addicted

Here are my favourites for what was new online last week.  Happy Shopping!

1. Zoe Strapless Maxi Dress by Boulee, $264 :
2. Turnlock Cage Cuff by CC Skye, $185 :
3.Cortensa Metallic Jacquard Pants by Malene Birger, $495 :
4. Chyc Leather Waistbelt by Yves Saint Laurent, $395 :
5. Flava Suede Pumps by Jeffrey Campbell, $148 :
6. Hot Child Dress, $80 :
7. Suede Brogue Ankle Boots, Yves Saint Laurent, $995 :
8. Neon Orange Blouse, $48 :
9. Francie Loafer by Kelsi Dagger, $109 :
10. Ikat Oversized Minaudière by Rebecca Minkoff, $311 :
  11. Aqua Floral Short, $48 :

July 14, 2012

What a nice complement...

This is the picture I came across that led me to love the combination of red and purple being worn together.  Both of these colours are so rich and vibrant making such an impact when paired.  By mixing in either gold or neutral accents this look is a sure statement!  Would you wear these two colours together?

Here are a few suggested items to help build your red and purple look.
1. Tinsley Blouse, $98 from Aritzia
2. Chunky Link Bracelet, $78 by Juicy Couture from
3. Layered Snake-Chain Necklace, $138 from BCBG
4. Scalloped Waist Belt, $58 from BCBG
5. Gold Studs, $40 from JCPenney
6. Minnie Pant, $90 from J.Crew
7. Sierra Crossbody Bag, $102 from
8. Camila T-Strap Sandal, $179 by Dolce Vita from Endless by Amazon

July 13, 2012

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Joe Fresh

Who loves polka dots? I do!  This blouse gives your classic black and white look a playful feel.  Depending on your style you can wear it a few different ways as I've shown you above.  Whether you need to be professional and have it tucked in for work, worn untucked for a casual day or give it a front tie for a fun get together you have plenty of versatility with one top.  How do you see yourself wearing it?

I'm currently into pretty much all things denim right now which explains why I was struck by this top.  Since denim is usually a more casual look this top is an exception.  This top just appears to be denim when in fact it's not and can get away with looking more like a blouse which also gives versatility between work and fun for wear.  

This was definitely my favourite pick for the day.  I just love casual knits and you can never go wrong with stripes for summer!  This sweater is so amazing because when thrown on with a pair of shorts or jeans with little thought it's a look that will appear relaxed yet polished.  This is your perfect summer evening piece.

Another knit I just couldn't resist!  This top is still casual but like the previous one this can be a bit more dressed up with some statement earrings and bracelets if you wish.  Keep your overall look clean and simple just like the feel of the top.


July 11, 2012

Gotta Have It

Helmut Lang Blazer

This isn't just a black blazer.  It's a blazer that is beautifully structured, sleek and collarless but the thing I loved most were the sheer sleeves.  Structured blazer I have and collarless blazer I have as well but sheer sleeves I do not and I'm drooling over this, I need it so bad!!!  Since this one in particular comes with a hefty price tag I will be on a major hunt to find one similar that will suffice.  I stumbled upon this masterpiece when I came across the style of Annabelle Fleur (images below).  What a stunner with flawless style and who obviously rocks this blazer as if it was made for her.   Please dear blazer find your way to my closet.   

Annabelle's blog:

If you love it as much as I do you can find it here

July 09, 2012

It's a Trend Thing : Under the Sea

1. Chanel : Source
2. Alexander McQueen : Source
3. Versace : Source


1 French Connection. 2 Chanel. 3 Stella and Dot. 4 Forever 21. 5 BCBG. 6 Bijoux Heart. 7 Topshop. 8 Banana Republic. 9 AllSaints. 10 Aldo. 11 Lanvin.

 Carolina Engman : Fashion Squad
 Megan Stewart : Another Day to Dress Up

The bloggers above are wearing the under the sea trend quite literally and with bold prints in effect you can.  If being splashed from head to toe in sea creatures freaks you out you can still pull off this trend in a less dramatic way.  In order to do that just stick with accessories telling the under water story.  Whether you are wearing a necklace with a starfish charm or a bracelet clustered with ocean hue gems it all still works.  As for clothing, instead of wearing a print think about wearing colours like blue, green and coral.  With pastels everywhere this shouldn't be difficult to find.  To spice up your look just a little bit further add a metallic piece like maybe a silver skirt or a pair of shorts.  Think about the beauty inside a clam shell - shiny, eye-catching and beautiful soft colours. 
Will you be trying out an under the sea look?