April 29, 2012

Events in the City

Last Thursday I attended the Arts and Fashion Week in Toronto.  The event took place from April 24-28 showcasing fashion in different art forms such as runway, photography, video and installations.  Each night had a different theme that designers and artists translated through their work.  The theme for the night I attended was bodyscapes which meant a whole lot of sexy under garments on the runway!  The event was fantastic and my favourite part?  The photography exhibits.  You can check out a few below.

Myself and my bombshell of a friend Niside @nissatrends101

Lost in Arizona
As models came down the runway covered up in capes, feminine lingerie was exposed by the time they approached the end to pose.  I loved these fairytale-like sexy little numbers.  

House of Etiquette
Models walked down the runway looking like dominatrices but with an interesting twist.  In addition to the expected red and black patent leather outfits was a fun twist of aqua blue.  Something more my style if I were to be into that sorta thing!

Madame Peripetie
LOVE LOVE these pictures.  I don't know if this a youthful looking older women or a younger women made out to look older.  Either way she is stunning and totally owns each of these looks.  Truly an inspiration in terms of styling for me.

Magnus Ragnvid Chammon
LOVED these images!!  The massive over-sized owl head is both eerie and cute since I love owls.  And how amazing is the second photo where the model is made out to resemble a bird with feathers made of ballet slippers?  Incredible.

A dress made out of film -  I think Madonna would wear it for sure!

Maja Zii - Fashion Fetish
Who doesn't love lipstick?  Of course I was drawn to this piece of art!

Check me out on Elle Canada
My Full look captured by 3st

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