April 15, 2012

Events in the City

Recently I attended the twobirds Bridesmaid showroom for the launch of their new chiffon bridesmaid dress collection.  Twobirds Bridesmaid is all about giving bridesmaids one dress that can be worn and look beautiful on women off all shapes and sizes.  How you ask?  Well the dress comes in just two sizes.  Size A fits dress sizes 2-14 and the size B fits 16-24!  And the best part is that they can be wrapped in over 15 different ways!!  The new chiffon addition is great because it's a separate piece that you can wear over top of their classic style bridesmaid dress which gives you even more option when re-wearing the dress.  At the launch event it was so wonderful meeting the designer of twobirds, Ariane Goldman, and to witness her amazing style as you will see below!

Now I know these are bridesmaid dresses and I'm no wedding blogger BUT these are so much more functional than just for that big day.  I first saw these dresses a year ago when I attended an event and the two hosts were both wearing one.  I mentioned to my friend I was with that I had to have one of these dresses and to my surprise she informed me that they were bridesmaid dresses!  So stay tuned this Spring for me to show you not only the different ways to wrap the dress but also for how you can wear it as your everyday look!

Ps - you can check out me wearing one of the twobirds rosette collection dresses for my birthday last month here

Designer Ariane Goldman


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