April 14, 2012

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Topshop

With pastels in this season this soft pink blazer would be a great compliment to your outfit.  The cut of the of blazer makes it unique to most others and adds a more stylish touch to your overall look.  I was also struck by these pants because of the bold print and the vibrant blue.  Although very thin in material they actually fit quite great.  So if you are looking to go bold this summer, these pants are perfect place to start!

I must admit I was never one for floral but my mind has slowly been changing on the matter.  This one in particular is fun because of the bright colours, I love that it's a cropped tank and I dig the orange band along the bottom.  Shorts or skinnies, it's a totally fun top for a casual day in the sun!

Again with the floral already!  See, told you I was getting into it!!  This top is amazing because it's so delicate and flowy and it's got a great combination of soft romantic colours. The colours give you plenty of options when pairing up your bottoms because you can stick to white like I have done here or you can pull out those fun pastel skinnies jeans or shorts that can be found everywhere!  

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  1. Love those shorts and the floral top! You look great!