April 07, 2012

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of J.Crew

Pants :: Toothpick Jean in Garment-Dyed Twill in Neon Persimmon
Belt :: Patent Leather Skinny Belt in Neon Azalea
Who else is obsessed with all the bright coloured skinnies out there in stores?!  ME TOO!!  I liked this pair in particular because they looked like a washed out fluorescent pink.  Not to mention they are incredibly soft to touch and fit like a glove!   The belt above was already paired with the pants when I took them to the change room with me.  I'm not usually a wearer of belts but I really loved the contrasting of the  pink combination.  This belt came in a bunch of other fun colours to choose from but nothing beats a great little pink my opinion!

Shirt :: Crochet Lace-Front Tee in Modern Red
Shorts :: Scalloped Short in Honey Brown
How could I resist these flirty little shorts with an adorable scalloped hem?  I love that the colour creates a more casual relaxed look but yet because of the hemline these shorts can be dressed up with a really pretty cream blouse, skinny belt and gold accessories. While I was trying these shorts on I paired them up with this red tee that also had a delicate feel to it because of the lacework on the front.  The bright red complimented the shorts well both in colour and style of the overall feminine look

Skirt :: Silk Kerchief Paisley Skirt
Another trend that I'm huge into right now are bold prints which is exactly what attracted me to this skirt.  The colours are rich and the coral adds a fun pop to the overall skirt.   I see myself either on a picnic or travelling through Europe wearing this skirt

Pants :: Sovereign Paisley Capri
So as I just mentioned I'm finding myself struck by bold prints right now but especially when it comes to pants.  These paisley capris fit amazing and I'm totally digging the green and purple combo!  For sure these are different from what I'm used to wearing but I love making an impact with my outfits and these would surely do the trick!

{What is paisley? A droplet-shaped vegetable pattern of Persian and Indian origin}

Pants :: Cafe Capri in Neon Rose
Shocker!  I found another pair or coral/pink pants that I fell in love with.  The pink skinny jeans from earlier are for those fun flirty outfits where these are more for those days I have to look a little more responsible and professional.  I already own a few pair of capris that I love dearly but in cream and green so obviously with a summer full of trending colour I needed to do some updating!

Of course I had a thing or two come home with me after this shopping trip?  Which of these looks do you think now appear in my closet?  Find out tomorrow as I post the answer in my sneak peek album on Facebook

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