March 23, 2012

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Club Monaco

I was totally struck by this shimmery gold pleated skirt. It's so fun and flirty for whatever the occasion might be! I paired it with a navy knitted sweater but would love to see it paired with something coral to give the outfit more of a pop!

Sexy sexy leopard print alert! But it's not just the print, the length adds so much more appeal to it!  Obviously you can dress this skirt up more but I decided to keep it relaxed with this knitted sweater and let the skirt do the showing off!

A pleated maxi skirt is an essential to to have in your spring and summer wardrobe this year.  There are so many options to choose from when it comes to these skirts between colour, style, fabric etc. So find the right one that works for you and rock it!!  This one was a heavier silk with two slits on each side and this being in a cream colour you have an endless amount of colours you could pair this up {or down} with.

It's that time again to get a little nautical!  I love this anchor sweater!  It would be my perfect go to item for my cottage get-away days!  Although this sweater would look hot with the obvious pairing of jeans, I decided to take it a step further in the flirty direction and tried it on with a navy silk pleated mini with a delicate lace trim.  Now how cute is that for dressing this look up?!

For any vest lovers out there, this one is awesome!  The mustard colour looks great with the dark khaki gold sequin.  The pleats make it flow nicely for the warm season yet the colour could take this piece into fall.  How do you wear your vests?

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