March 16, 2012

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of The Bay

Rachel by Rachel Roy
Love this cropped sweater!  The design and colours are so fresh for spring!!  I'm pretty sure if I owned this {which I'm tempted to go back and do} I would wear it every casual day I had

Rachel by Rachel Roy
I love my silk blouses but this one was a little different from most of the ones you would find in my closet. The bat sleeve is a romantic twist to keep it interesting.  You can always find silk tops and you can always find a great print so it's the sleeves that make this stand out from the others

Rachel by Rachel Roy
This cute, flirty blouse has a great colour combination of bright blue and a pink pastel.  The style was flattering to my body and the pops of floral couldn't be more perfect for the spring season!

Rachel by Rachel Roy
My favourite pick for the day!!  Which is exactly why it came home with me!  I was so captivated by the colours in this dress.  The combo of coral and blue are colourful yet not so in your face since they are both on the duller side.  I immediately envisioned myself strolling in the park or sipping on cocktails on a patio with girlfriends wearing this dress.  Then I thought about wearing this with my jean jacket that takes this dress to a whole other level.  Come on I HAD to buy it after all that!

Patterson J. Kincaid
Neon alert!  This sheer casual blouse is similar to one I already have in a cream colour but this one is so much more fun!  Obviously!  This top with some shorty shorts and Ray-Bans = trendy for summer!

Patterson J. Kincaid
Clearly I had to give this neon yellow top a shot while I was at it.  A basic casual tank with a feminine little ruffle makes this a great asset to your closet this season

If you want to mix it up a bit and wear your neon colours on the bottom here's the skirt for you!  This yellow floral skirt is fun and girly and I would definitely wear it out for a night on the town

There was something that pulled me toward this skirt.  I love the thick waistband, the pockets and the bohemian feel to it.  There is something about long skirts that I love even though I don't wear them a lot myself.  When worn right it's a look I envy

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