February 07, 2012

Storefront Special

How delicious does this cupcake look AND the purse on top!!  Louis Vuitton takes home the {cup}cake for this months storefront special.  I actually think it's going to be really hard to beat because I love it so much.  Cupcakes are just adorable to begin with but then adding a red purse on top to act as the cherry?  Well that  is just brilliant! 
{Am I the only one that wants to try and take a bite out of that icing because of how real it looks though?}

I guess I will just let you know now that Holt Renfrew will probably always make the cut since the merchandising is obviously always just that amazing.  But with Valentine's Day around the corner there is no other store that tells a love story quite like the windows of Holt Renfrew!  We see the love being spread through gift giving, couch lounging and a romantic date at the park being pushed on a swing but what else I loved was the window where little heart balloons were carrying a grass cloud of shoes up into the sky!  Get ready to pucker up ladies as we are a week away from the big evening of romance

This window was very simple and yet I adored it so much!!  I'm definitely a huge fan of fluorescent colours right now so I suppose that helped draw me in right away.  What looks like brush strokes to spell out love in front of the fun coloured lighting, it really created the mood of a playful Valentine's Day

If you are in Toronto and haven't yet visited Jacflash located on Queen Street West you should!  The window displays always stand out from the rest in that area and apart from that the stuff inside is a delightful treat!  The combination of red and pink has always been a favourite of mine so there is no wonder as to why this display makes me happy especially for February!!

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