February 22, 2012

I Love Your Style


Lauren Conrad has an amazing sense of style.  I would describe her look as girly, bohemian and relaxed.  She is consistently creating effortless looks which is always something that I have admired about her.  Common trends for Lauren include super short shorts, skirts or dresses that show off her great legs also giving her more height.  Almost always these pieces are high waisted and many times belted to cinch in that tiny waist area.  Although Lauren is usually seen toting around one of her many Chanel purses she is never over the top with expensive outfits.  She is amazing at mixing and matching key, fun pieces with inexpensive cotton tees and tanks to create her stylish yet relaxed look.  Something Lauren is also always great at is accessorizing her outfits perfectly from her shoes to a belt to her jewelry.  Again these are never anything too flashy just the perfect touches to complete her look.  There are so many things that come to mind when I think of Lauren Conrad and above everything that I have already mentioned there is one thing left out: her hair.  I have been trying for so so so long to achieve a perfect wave that she pulls off flawlessly pretty much everyday and with her little braids that she throws in randomly {and not always in the same spot} I just adore her from head to toe!


Miss Lauren wrote a few books now but one in particular is titled 'Style' where she shares her experiences, techniques and idea's with her fans.  Lauren's style has been consistent since we watched her from her Laguna Beach days to her journey to LA {just more refined as she grew up}.  She understands her body well and is true to her style.  She shows us great idea's that look amazing and yet all are easily achievable and this is why I think it was such a great idea for her to come out with a book like this.  She has studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, completed an internship at Teen Vogue, survived working for Kelly Cutrone {I Love Her!} at People's Revolution and currently has her two fashion lines, LC by Lauren Conrad and Paper Crown.  I admire the fact that although Lauren Conrad may be a reality star she has proven to be a hard worker the entire time the camera's were on.  She is an inspiration to me in many ways and I can say I am very happy to have watched her grow and achieve the things she has!

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